Land Rover Range Rover Evoque review 2014

you the years Range Rover has been a buy words for luxury and off-road ability but now there’s a new breed of more style conscious more urban centric buyers they still want all the opulence that you’d associate with a Range Rover but have it in a smaller neater package and that’s

where the evoke comes in it’s the smallest Range Rover ever made it’s available in a three door coupe a as well as this more popular five-door body style and it’s the first model to be offered in two-wheel drive as well as four-wheel drive the Range Rover Evoque is smaller and lower than both the Audi q5 and BMW x3 but it’s the only one of the three with real wow factor the designers of Land Rover have created one of the most instantly recognizable silhouettes but they also love

this rising Beltline and the appearance of this floating roof that can respect in a variety of colors you’ve then got this wheel at each corner stance that offers great approach and departure angles for off-roading this robust kick plate and a very distinctive clamshell bonnet that gives that very traditionally robust Range Rover stance but then you’ve got that complimented with these really elegant and slimline daytime running LED light inside the Evoque is every bit as appealing

with plenty of leather and aluminium as well as some jewel-like finishes around the speedo they give it a very boutique feel there’s even a bit of theater around the automatic gear selector when you start up you’ve got that traditionally tall Range Rover driving position these seats are very comfortable and supportive and all the controls are intuitively laid out and these one touch interior lighting to

this very clever eight inch dual view screen that simultaneously allows your passenger to watch TV or a DVD while the driver can only watch the satellite navigation the switchgear may not be on all D levels of tactile quality but the fit and finish is still very solid despite the wedged profile there’s decent space in the back of the five-door though bear in mind if you’ve got kids this tapering window line may make sitting back here for longer periods a bit claustrophobic so specking this optional glass roof is a must as it entirely transforms the cabins ambience the boot is also a good size for families with no loading lip given the urban aspirations of the Evoque you might consider terrain like this to be out the cars comfort zone kind of like going up a mountain with a settler boots on heels on a lot of tribes up to us

but you’ve got nothing to worry about a lot of the mechanicals that leave out cars is shared with the tried and tested Land Rover Freelander so wall four-wheel drive versions receive Hill descent and terrain response as standard and that allows you to select loads of driving modes from gravel to mud and ruts to snow to sand you can also expect this fantastic 5 camera system which relays images from all around the car into the cabin and you can basically highlight the ones that are important to you at the time it’s as useful for off-roading as it is parking up on the Kings Road but what is really surprising is just how agile the Evoque is to drive on road there’s hardly any body roll that

you’d usually associate with a 4×4 and the turning is super sharp spoke the dynamic driving function which you can select here in the center console and that weight ins up the steering sharpens the throttle response and makes it feel a little bit firmer for the result is it just seems to breathe over road surfaces the only slight annoyance is

I get from driving this car on the road are these massive wing mirrors that create some pretty bad blind spots and also that letterbox style rear window in terms of engines the diesels are the only way to go to be honest you can get the 2.2 litre diesel in both 150 and 190 brake horsepower version of course if emissions are your big thing then the two-wheel-drive diesel evoke emits just 130 g/km co2 drive the Range Rover Evoque anywhere and heads will turn but the good news is that its ability extends way beyond those impressive looks this is a luxurious Road car

that is great to drive but also pretty exceptional in the mucky stuff as a compact 4×4 it isn’t perfect but it’s pretty close and it just goes to show that sometimes you can have substance with styles

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