Lexus IS 300 2020 review

And use the Audi A4 facelift in about 2 minutes and of course the Mercedes-Benz C-Class the Lexus is another alternative for the form of Japanese real cheapest way in is 300 luxury 

What is area code is about 60 Grand list about 70 grand drive away you can often see them going for a lot closer to $50,000 making them significantly more affordable than a base model BMW 3 Series as well because is 180 kilowatt.

How did the Ice Drive answering avoid get started make sure you hit subscribe down below and then to count for the IRS to process Lexus have ulcers or you really have to buy it the base model luxury.

He doesn’t have to work your way up the way it feel like you’re driving Emily Griffith center console and trying to see what happened this week design there are some elements of the Interior that still look good like.

 I knew this easy to understand likewise steering wheel to look pretty good it feels good in the hand and the pretty analog gauges are open not to look at other aspects I do think you do get navigation in DAV radio we just supposed to Apple carplay is the control control thing that you use I know.

If you’d be able to get in the industry I’ll say that the car has been specified outside you don’t 

Want to sell a very comfortable and heating and ventilation as stand-in which is incredibly impressive most vehicles in this segment turn off the ventilation even as a difference the aluminium secondary material is quite pretty as well don’t touch everywhere you look puffy Hada wearing plastic around the cup holders but I guess that’s just okay so we have a Shelly trachea beneath the armrest.

But what’s life like in the back of the junk in there now well here in the back in the biggest in the segment be quite small and large in a pinch to transport myself comfortable toy room. Well in a new 3-Series with fresh for the new generation legre pretty much a 4-seat of it as you can see this mountain of a tunnel between the state so you would be playing games trying to feed the fifth cousin Downtown Rescue Squad Sumptuous awesome and materials in Italy what about me today come around the back of the Lexus IS Aragon this is actually still a pretty good-looking cop let me know what you think down below.

 I think it’s fairly well even though this particular now the is only offered as a city and is no station wagon version Lexington actually also a wagon adults so if you’d like more tea in this style of vehicle you have to go 3 Series wagon body this is sadan only so that means you get a traditional sedan foods.

With lots of space in that 480 which is definitely cost-competitive but it’s either case of what-you-see-is-what-you-get because there’s no real special features in the Bood there’s no on the floor storage they do find Space Davis fit underneath their you can’t fold the back seats from within the outside and that’s pretty interesting question to me because the highest 350 with a V6 when the shape has news actually one of the first decently athletic vehicles I ever had the baby Jedi whether or not as well as I hear it about a number of the aspects of the car and it’s still quite enjoyable to drive especially.

When it comes to the ride and handling balance will come to that in a moment is there at 3 and they’re all quite different so this one is 300 the 4-cylinder petrol with a charger 180 kilowatts of power at 300 BMW 330i or Mercedes Benz C300 at the similarity in the vaginia suppose and it’s the newest made on the is then there’s a very traditional direct-injected naturally-aspirated V6 for the Best Buy everyone on a country road drive 300 dispatch is it Taliban that’s when the 8th Street open right now so I can hear on a little bit but if he’ll and the IS300 hear it down right now 40% highest speed in highways outside of Sydney and honestly what I would do an old fashioned does easily return the best fuel economy and you get the benefit of electric tool download require a little bit of cheering of the is officially

It’s very consistent to tell where it’s going to do any tips into 1/4 nicely the ratio is really quick to and lock in a car like this definitely quicker than a C class and an A4 as well.

I think the rest of the package is easier to describe and it’s also just better on the whole there on handling is very sordid in the is NH3 Lee well especially the case wheel chock ability to control but also really good compliant down bumps in the is 300 luxury which is the most popular the cabins quiet road noise as well insulated service wind noise stock stereo sounds perfectly good enough.

That you can upgrade to a mark Levinson unit if you want to pay more but not on this base model the brakes are also pretty well up to the task and it’s awfully low in the is it’s quite a sport me and Anna said your package is a bit dated now so I do have cruise control as standard to get Lane departure warning though it isn’t sophisticated Lane centering system like in Alexis and you’ll send me those pages are available as of the 2020 Lexus is now it’s impossible to ignore that.

This vehicle is getting on in years now for the segment but at the right price that’s still a pretty chummy caught here to me.

I would skip out on the boat and go straight for naturally aspirated V6 absolute endangered species of an engine for this segment now or for the hybrid which will give you a fuel economy still a really high-quality enjoyment comfort refinement and luxury in the cabin but you have to test drive the new options as well to make sure that you’ll find caught it really suits you let me know down below the is what are you looking forward to the next generation of this car and any comments or suggestions for the channel make sure to subscribe.

While you’re there and as always thanks for watching this is chasing cars and way back in 1989 a new brand called Lexus the luxury of short everybody with the release all the first LS it truly was the first luxury

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