Lexus RX Review 2020

The 2020 Lexus RX isn’t completely redesign this year it gets a mild update but those changes go pretty deep there’s a new touch screen in a lot of little features inside and out from the fact that we’re going to detail to show you exactly.

What’s change for 2020 upfront as sweet a little bit there’s a new grill pattern and there are Slimmer headlights in the fog lights get moved around a little bit to it’s a little angrier than before but to me the girl doesn’t look as ridiculous as it used to the performance-oriented S4 trim levels look a little meaner and they do have a unique real compared.

With regular looks like joystick where you had to move the mouse to correspond to the icons up on the screen was very hard to use while driving but now there is a standard touchscreen that’s 8 in show one that.

I use which is a 12.3 inch touch screen and it’s a very good execution but there’s an Asterix there if you can reach it does move the touchscreen 5 inch closer but I still had to reach my full arm length to get to the far end of the screen it’s not as close as some other touch screens are and you’re really going to have to sit in that get your seat adjusted and see if this is an issue for you if you can access.

The touchscreen though it’s really good I like the wide-screen format especially because now Apple carplay and Android auto are standard didn’t have it before now you get it and with a touchscreen which the best way to use Apple carplay and Android auto to widescreen format works great in apple carplay.

Because you have this large map your podcast titles are in full display they’re not shortened so very good execution compared with a vertically oriented touchscreen like you get in a Volvo XC90 or other Volvo products where car play it’s only going to display in a little square at the bottom of the screen of those systems.

Where is here the entire touch screen is going to be apple carplay know if you don’t want to use apple carplay the regular navigation system that’s optional is still a very good you get that full widescreen format and it’s been updated so now if you choose the optional 12.3 inch system you get over-the-air map update so there’s no longer a little card and there are no updates that you have to do at the dealership the map updates are going to be downloaded directly Over The Cellular Connection that comes.

With the car so you have all this new connectivity with the car and there is one feature that knew that I really liked and that’s the cell phone holder now it’s just in from the cup holder and it mounts your phone vertically.

This massive iPhone that’s got a big case in it and when it’s laid down flat in a cubby just takes up so much space so this vertically-oriented cell phone holder takes up less room and then also when you’re accelerating or turning you don’t have to worry about it sliding out of a shallow pocket but this is only about 50% of the way to genius when the phone is in the holder it doesn’t charge wirelessly and there’s no Wireless Apple carplay like a BMW or an Audi so you have to run your cable to a charge port but the thing is the charge ports that are near the phone are charged only.

They aren’t data so you have to run the cable across the cupholders into the center console storage where the data ports are for the USB so it’s kind of unfortunate to have this awesome cell phone holder but then have to run a wire all the way across your center console into the storage area to have carplay work Outback there’s a nuke to open power tailgate this is something that you’ve probably heard in a lot of other vehicles but that’s new to Alexis where you walk up to the back of the car.

With key fob in your pocket and kick on the bumper and the liftgate opens will previously it was a hands-free system that wasn’t really hands-free because you had the hold your hand over the Lexus bad and that’s.

How you would open it if you had your hands full of groceries it did not work as well as it does now what was very nice about this system is that I was 545 getting it to work which is pretty rare a lot of these systems that.

I have a very narrow window of where the recognition is to open the tailgate but the Lexus RX so every time change when you’re driving the RX well all models have slightly different sway bar in shock tuning to give a little more luxurious smoother ride up at the real change comes on the F Sport model so the F Sport is now split into two variants you have the base F Sport which gets a sporty-er shock tuning and then you have the F Sport performance package now the optional F Sport performance package gives you sport-tuned steering it gives you the same adaptive variable suspension at the LC 500 sports coupe suspension tuning Sport Plus driving mode.

That you don’t get the Lesser models is also an air intake sound generator the knot electronic augmentation is using a sound tube to give you a little more noise but you only hear about five six thousand RPM at the slightly meteor engine sound but nothing of huge substance there we have sport with the performance package and I wouldn’t say drives a whole lot differently than a base model RX they’re just not a whole lot of edge to the car even with this package it still is a very buttery.

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Gertrudis Sneddon

Gertrudis Sneddon

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