Lotus Evora Coupe car review

Lotus Evora Coupe car review building drivers cars is what Lotus does best the Elise in Exige may excite an appeal to the very committed we couldn’t exactly call

them daily drivers the Evora however is a new card to Lotus that distills all that a wonderful race and road car history but serves it up in a more refined modern day package and if you want to know about the Evora s but let’s just say it’s a very good and British reason not to buy a Porsche 911 Devorah has leave lotus into a new era of design and desirability this remains the world’s only mid-engined 2+2

with every model that comes down this line receiving more than 200 man-hours of attention what you have here is a composite body shrink wrapped over a three section bonded aluminium chassis

that creates this very muscular yet live teardrop aesthetic dimensionally it’s pretty compact about the same length as a Porsche Cayman yet there are some big design details going on here like this pair of lines that sit in the doors that pinch and then flare out to give that impression of speed not to mention the aggressive rear diffuser blacked out wing mirrors and Pirelli PZero Corsa tires that are all bespoke to the Evora s

Lotus Evora Coupe car review

I also love this wraparound glass house the tapers and then flows into the rear window beneath which sits the heart of the Evora s a three and a half liter v6 now complete

with a Harrop supercharger that forces air into the engine and increases output to 345 brake horsepower getting into an Aurora is a little more dignified than the Elise or Exige thanks to this thinnest silk

there’s also a surprising amount of leather and relative luxury there there are some areas that make you very aware you’re in a low-volume hand-assembled sports car while some of this is forgivable

but the lack of cupholders hard to reach 12 volt connector and piddly glove box there are other elements that simply aren’t good enough like this very nasty aftermarket radio sat-nav screen and main controls

that are not only illegible they’re completely hidden from the driver’s view rivers ability is also poor and you’ll have to be very bendy to get into those back seats which are barely acceptable for small children fortunately the boot is a decent size with enough space for set a golf course seriously who cares about interior niggles when you’re driving a Lotus the most amazing thing about the Evora s on the road is just the way it seems to unravel

all those twisty bits are the same kind of fluidity you get in a Lotus Elise yet this thing is so much faster so much more mature much easier to live with it’s got carpets heated seats a stereo that you can sometimes hear and a ride quality that really could embarrass a number of family hatchbacks it’s that good you can also spec this six speeds IPS automatic gearbox that comes complete with these very tactile magnesium paddle shifters

you may not have that rifle Bolt precision and speed you’re getting some DSG automatic gearboxes so you are going to lose a little bit of time in that nor to 62 mile an hour sprint well it’s not exactly

what you call slow for many customers that are gonna be using this car to commute in and our towns it’s gonna make a lot of sense but it’s only on track do you really find out just how the S must

push the standard Evora up quite a few level push this sport button and that changes the throttle response it changes the ECU calibration it opens a baffle in the exhaust so it sounds a lot of perugia and when you’re using

these paddle shifters using it in manual mode it actually locks you to the redline to do force you up into the gears and that’s really good

when you’re trying to push it on the track you don’t want any changes through mid corner the overwhelming impression you go here is just how gorgeous the steering is it just offers a clarity and a purity so

I honestly didn’t think you could get from a modern-day sports car and it just feels so responsive the Lotus Evora S offers the most supreme balance of steering rides and handling performance it may not have the polish of the Porsche 911 but it doesn’t have anywhere near that car’s development budget and that makes this achievement all the more remarkable really time to forgive those superficial shortcomings and put Lotus on your radar you

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