Maybach 62S V12 – LUXURY

Do I have Luke at the exterior interior the quality inside and he will start of the 6 liter V12 engine which produces 630 horsepower with 1,000 units of torque is completely has built by Mercedes AMG thanks to Michael Kubler for one man one engine amazing fun Americana grill with vertical lines very thick chrome parts around the wheel on the top of the hood nothing Mercedes store with the Maybach emblem what does the Boise non headbands with the Maybach logo project in Berlin because this car is imported from USA furthermore of stone exotic black exterior

color on the bumper if you can notice the LED lights just above it it has the extractable headlights washers moving over into the side you can notice the 20 inch alloy wheels the size is 275 45-20 in Superior stopping power because of the Dual brake calipers and its really needs it because this car weighs 2855 kg leather and carbon interior of the site you can notice the 62 as lettering with a specific my book title that has the air intakes in the same form as the tail lights this is the extended wheelbase version of the 57 and 17 cm long with a beautiful Chrome line from

the rear all the way into the front of the line of the very close with a curvy slope back in 2012 S Class tail lights the mindful lettering Maybach emblem in the center with the 62 LS tail lights with this specific Maybach emblem in detail it also has an electronically-controlled suspension with electronic dampers in the most comfortable way for a 6 liter vitro the Gap to fuel is pretty high on the c-pillar and severe tire size it’s about the same 275 45-20 in don’t let’s have a look at the trunk you can unlock it with the key by holding his button and there’s opens you can already.

noticed the umbrella sex on the ceiling of the trunk and a lot of trunk space even the sites all those of official documents and gadgets so let’s open this and you can see a large storage space easy to close friends on the other side also storage and electronic details underneath a spare tire and I’m happy to see that because we missed us nowadays so let’s close the trunk or pressing this button closest very first is Dora the interior is full with stitching and black Nappa leather the sheets are amazing what you might book design it also has the Mind ball manufacturer emblem.

with ventilated and cooled seats and the seat belt actually goes through the seats emblems everywhere so let’s go inside and I’ll show you more a life of specific steering View and the loads of glitches here on the left side some storage space with a very deep entry with a cover if you press this button some more change storage also very deep so let’s close the door with the seat adjustments does five different memory seats you can control them more than eight different ways including the address Dylan and up the Bose surround sound system that was before the harbor in Cardon and Hebrew Master surround sound system is the light settings it she was very firm you can switch it to alter so let’s close the door and it has soft closing which I have to close it a little firmer and it squeezes a beautiful steering wheel emblem and turn Apple leather so let’s turn the key to start the electronics it has driven only 11,000 kilometers the infotainment system has the Maybach emblem there’s also a button to press and you can lower.

the volume by turning the button you can have a look at the navigation system radio media telephone and more lock and unlock button open desk some more Old School telephone settings climate control so you can control the temperature for the driver the passenger and the people in the back seats very well isolated windows very thick you can start the engine by pressing the start-stop button just like on a jet but we will turn the key this must be one of the quietest p306 with your engines out there let’s close the window and we will continue in silence because the buttons for the traction control the spring stickers device height control speed Collision assist you can also change it from Comfort to sport mode on the right side a button to raise and lower the rear headrest but this One X plus you can change the distance wooed some storage space and of course the center storage area which extends all the way to the rear seats so luxurious and she have a lot of space there so we will have to look at it later on the passenger storage space with the button and yes there’s a lot more space than Paris nowadays on the left side another button with a very special feature this is for the phone connection you can actually charge your phone and connected to the car press.

it again and it will disappear the wall ceiling is Alcantara evil this the sun cover also hear keyless entry and soft closing so it has a locked door Antigua go inside amazing with the sunscreen covers so let’s press the button to make the seats in decomposition you will lose your leg extensions and the back wheel go forward Maybach emblem and a lot of space so let’s go inside nice

Quality Door with your rude and also here storage space and that’s the headset for your system another button with more storage space at the nice Gadget on the edge so what do you think this is going to let me know in the comments section below it is very quality made what’s the metal edge around it I’m very curious what you guys think that’s close it soft closing in the rear but you can already see the curtains so there must be a lot of buttons in here very long 6 M and 17 cm nice extension of the dashboard and he wants to talk you can press the first button and to test some champagne glasses covered in a red February case so let’s close it the second place it’s a DVD player with aux connectivity to change the city and finally some storage space you can open this storage space and two more buttons to operate.

the windows and the curtains so the right curtain opens another button for the ceiling know it’s closes the roof you can also open it again nice Clear View over there a test at 3:00 in kilometers an hour and the engine temperature some coat hangers Amazing by material there are some more buttons in the rear open them end clothing you can make the ceiling transparent and fully closed an area for two drinks and one bottle a 12-volt charger and here in front you have some more storage space is the device and with the owner of bottom here when you can activate the entertainment system but we will just press the button with x’s to radio and navigation storage for your papers and a large storage space in the trunk it is so far to reach for daily car for the VIP passengers a nice little Entertainment System screen where you can control the media volume and more you can also change the light settings for the ceiling you can make it brighter and it’s darker so if you open it all the way because the price of jet tables these few a little bit thicker and heavier compared to the S close Stables nowadays does nice food and two metal design around it Anthem is this about then if you press it if you can pull it to watch you or push it away with these buttons you can change the pills for the massage seats the massage function is available in every seat so let’s have Lucas box under.

the hood of this Maybach 62s you have to grab this and pull it up very heavy Grill and who can see the six feature which is produced by one man in a Mercedes AMG affalterbach this Maybach engine is built by Michael Kubler it produces 630 horsepower and 1250 km an hour and it takes this 2850 kg car from 0 to 100 km an hour in just 5.2 seconds so let’s close the bonus and thanks for watching mersman sting guys I hope you like this video and I will see you soon bye bye 

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