because more and more buyers have been turning to four-by-fours MPVs and SUVs the marking for the traditional family char has been in serious decline the last few years and to such an extent you might be surprised to see master selling a 6-4 then again the six is no run-of-the-mill family car and underneath

its sleek skin you’ll find the kind of technology and innovation that can well persuade Mondeo man to become Mazda man if you’re struggling to think of a word to describe the styling of the master six how about code oh that’s mass’s name for the basic design thing which is placed around

Mazda 6

what it calls the sole of motion in particular the six has taken its inspiration from the cheetah so if you think there’s something very cat-like about these headlights that’s no coincidence at all to emphasize the impression

the car is moving the body’s covered with lots of great little details you have this silver line for example that runs from underneath the front grille up and over the headlights then there are all the interweaving folds in the metal that run along the sides of the car before you reach the boot

where this chrome trim between the angled lights deliberately echoes the front best of all you don’t need to spend a fortune on one of the top of the range models to get a really smart looking car even the cheapest versions come with alloy wheels body colored door handles indicators integrated into the wing mirrors most versions come with tinted rear and side windows and the top sport models come with bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights all in all this is a very striking piece of design and it stands out a mile from more mainstream family cars

like the Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen perset it even looks impressive next to cars like the BMW 3-series or Lda forth which are considered far more prestigious what’s perhaps most disappointing about the Mazda 6 is that the cabin looks nothing like as dramatic as the body frankly it’s all a bit of a black hole inside here that said there’s no fault in the way it’s all laid out and because most of the functions are controlled either by

this rotary dial or the touchscreen that’s standard across the range the layout of the dashboard is nice and uncluttered it’s a big thumbs up for space and comfort – there’s loads of room in the front here and the driver’s seat has six way adjustment on it the rear legroom is among the very best in its class as well and although the roof does eat into the Headroom a little only the very tallest passengers will find it cramped the boat too is a decent size and split fold seats are standard on every model in the range the only drawback is as a master six is a saloon so it’s not as versatile or as practical as its hatchback rivals Mazda is very proud of its SKYACTIV technology and rightly so the lightweight materials and fuel saving features in wonders

Mazda 6 review 2020

the way the car drives and for your bank balance because there’s less weight to haul around the engines don’t need to work as hard they use less fuel and thanks to the low carbon dioxide emissions company car users will pay less in tax to every one of the engines is refined and give decent performance

but the best of the lot are the diesels not just because they’re more economical but because they pull more strongly from low revs as well another benefit of the lightweight materials is that they’re stronger and stiffer than conventional materials so the car handles better – on the road the six feels really nimble and agile some are even call it sporty

which is no bad thing as that does help excuse one of the card weak points there’s a decidedly firm edge to the ride which some people may well find unwelcome in a family car with its spacious cabin and striking looks the master six has an awful lot going for it and whether you’re keeping an eye on your family’s budget or trying to kick down

your company car tax bills the low running costs are a real attraction true it’s not perfect but there’s a lot of very important things very well we have no doubt it’s one of the best cars in its class and although today’s weather looks pretty diabolical with cars as good as this we’re sure the future for the family car market is very bright

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