Mazda MX-5 2014 review

Mazda MX-5 2014 review despite spending most of our lives under a Brawley we brits have a real love affair with open top sports cars one of the two-seater roadsters

that consistently appears in our wish list is the Mazda mx-5 a car that when it was originally conceived in 1989 was actually inspired by the traditional British roadster three generations later

Mazda MX-5 2014 review

the formula has remained faithful and simple make it light make it rear-wheel drive give it a 50/50 weight distribution and you’ll probably have one of the most engaging cars to drive regardless of price

Mazda mx-5 maintains the classic sports car proportions of long aluminium bonnet and two seats mounted just before the rear axle those pop-up headlamps of olds of long gone to help improve aerodynamic efficiency and the overall visual stance of the car has been beefed up with this expansive front mesh grille these chunky wheel arches and the 17-inch alloy wheels the biggest change

has been the inclusion of this three-piece folding metal roof available to spec on the roadster coupe a and it’s basically for customers that fancies spending a little bit more cash

with some improved refinement and security it’s all electrically controlled and it will convert your mx-5 from sleek coupe a to open-top roadster in just 12 seconds as soon as you sit inside

the mx-5 the low set position and these figure-hugging seats really mark it out as a sport car the steering wheel only adjusts to height but it doesn’t matter really because the driving position is perfect

the space may be snug but because the dash layout is so clean and ergonomic it never feels claustrophobic you also get the impression even in here

that there’s been a lot of focus in taking weight out of the car so the rear view mirror for example has been reduced in size to shave a few grams and even the vanity mirrors are now housed in these

tiny thin plastic casings there are still practical considerations like front and side airbags

you’ve also got traction control two cupholders in the center you’ve got another set of cupholders in the door cards a decent storage bin in the centre here and also a decent glovebox as for downsides all the materials feel solid

but there’s no soft touch plastics to speak of then when the roof is up the rear three-quarter visibility is limited and that’s regardless of whether you go for the soft top or the hardtop option and then there’s

the boot which has the most awkwardly located release catch I’ve ever seen and when you do finally get inside it isn’t exactly what you’d call straight

but does any of that matter when you’re on the road not one bit whatever kind of driver you are whatever level you’re at whatever road you’re on I guarantee

you will love driving the mx-5 you have simple direct steering that is so communicative and almost lotus-like on the initial turning and it’s mated to this deliciously snappy 6-speed gearbox you can spec an automatic but don’t you’ll have so much fun shifting cogs in this thing there are two engines on offer a 1.8 litre petrol that develops 124 brake horsepower and this 2-liter unit that develops 158 brake horsepower neither of which

are super fast to be honest but that’s not the point with this car this is more about how it flows down a road how connected the driver feels for the entire experience

it is really absorbing and it’s so much fun the body control is excellent and the nice thing is that you still get the occasional bit of swagger from that rear axle just makes the car feel like

it’s a bit alive keeps you on your toes when it’s up this cars metal roof is also impressive there are no creaks no rattles and it offers more protection from the weather the only thing I should know is for enthusiasts as a fact

that it adds another 37 kilograms to the curb weight Mazda mx-5 is still fantastic fun to drive and judging by our own review scores it’s also a pleasure to live with thanks to excellent build quality reliability and residual values enthusiasts should probably stick with the soft top

but the addition of the Roadster kupe has created the most comfortable version yet so if you’re in the market for an affordable sports car and can live with that limited practicality that’s difficult to recommend anything else

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