McLaren MP4 12C Coupe car review

McLaren MP4 12C Coupe car review mcLaren has an incredible pedigree in Formula one the Reaver winning decided to have a go at building road cars like the McLaren f1 it redefines the benchmark

now the company is getting serious about taking on the Ferraris or Lamborghinis of this world with an all-new factory a global dealer network and a full product offensive starting

with the mp412 scene and before being the delineation of every McLaren race car 12 being the performance index and seed revealing this cars fully carbon fibre chassis powers Ferrari

McLaren MP4 12C Coupe car review

I would not be sleeping well right now McLaren is very clear about its priorities for the 12c it’s about going fast from the offset you can tell that this car has been designed by

the wind tunnel and what’s known as computational fluid dynamics rather than any stylists span there are some really nice details like how these fronts daytime running LEDs mimic

the mclaren badge or how these modules in the front splitter straight in the air flow beneath the car but there aren’t any exaggerated curves or spoilers that should excite

you like a supercar should really under the skin that really sets this car apart offering a level of Formula One technology never before seen on a road car at this price point

we’re talking about that carbon-fiber monocoque brake steer a superlight twin turbocharged 3.8 liter v8 thus amount of ellipse more than 600 brake horsepower and even has an air brake

which uses this rear spoiler to pivot up increase drag hunker the back end down so these rear brakes can work a lot more effectively and all this technology is shrink-wrapped in a surprisingly complex package

30 millimetres narrower than a Ferrari four five eight which should make it a little bit easier to park when you get beyond the theater of those dihedral doors and the wide sills

there’s an almost Germanic execution to the fit and finish in here with lashings of leather and carbon fiber and a real simple elegance to the layout which is quite a tonic to the button overload you get in a Ferrari for 580

I love the purity of this steering wheel the thickness of which has been Cribs from Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One car and you get these very weighty rocker pedals that allow you to change up or down on the same shifter should

you wish to engage with that 7-speed dual-clutch transmission the windscreen is as tall as it is wide affording loads of visibility for a car at this level and those front fenders have been designed to allow

the driver to perfectly place the front wheels that’s the practicality it’s pretty good too loads of space in here some decent cupholders nice bit of storage for your iPhone and a boot that although you can’t really call

it a grand tourer it certainly is bigger than a Porsche 911 performance figures for the 12 seats speak for themselves but what I can tell you from being such

here is that that rate of acceleration just doesn’t seem to relent regardless of speed you go in which is phenomenal but it’s also terrifying you’re these two toggles on this central spine for both handling and power train and it offers up to nine permutations depending on

what driving style you want from a full track attack mode which is what we’re in now gives you really aggressive gear changes it firms up the suspension in the corners as well as giving

you the most delicious induction turbo and engine noise in this cabin but then when you put the anchors up oh it’s so well balanced on the brakes but the air brake fills up the rear-view mirror and you can effectively

if you put all these toggles to normal engage a shopping mode you can also come out of active mode to engage a fully automatic gearbox so there’s no engine noise in the cabin and because it’s a turbocharged engine it means that the power doesn’t kick in low down the rev range so

it makes it a lot less aggressive to drive when you just pootle an around town another revelation about the car is the ride and handling rather than go for a traditional anti-roll bar set up MacLaren’s adopted a hydraulic system and that effectively means that when the corners receiving load it props it up with hydraulic fluid and the result is a very flat handling balance

which takes a while to get used to but when you do my word does it get your skin if ever there was such a thing as an everyday supercar the McLaren mp4-12c is it on the one hand that can be ridiculously easy to drive at low speeds yet on the next it has an ability to lay that phenomenal power down better than any other supercar and it’s not changing character at this level that’s unparalleled granted it may be a bit too understated for some tastes but when you’re this good you don’t really need to shout about it

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