Mercedes-AMG GT 2015 review

Marcedes knows a thing or two about high-performance cars anyone who’s driven an AMG version of one of the firm’s saloon cars will know that the AMG GT however is different

this isn’t a car that simply been breathed on by AMG which is mercs performance of no this is a car that’s being designed and built by AMG from the ground up like any performance car the GT simply must look the part and there’s little argument from us that it delivers on that score even just the dimensions make it look pretty fearsome on their own with that long bonnet

Mercedes-AMG GT 2015

the squat rear end and the shore overhangs throw in all those blingy details and curvaceous bulges and you’re left with one very aggressive looking machine from the outside the car looks pretty much the same regardless of whether you go for the base model or the more powerful S version we’ve got here but there are plenty of additional styling goodies featured on the options list to make you stand out even more there’s just as much drama inside the GT as well the design is elegant and upmarket and the materials in here are simply stunning most of the cars functions are controlled through

this screen and this wheel and although it’s not the most intuitive system of its type you should be able to get to grips with it pretty easily that said

I’m not sure why the gear selector is placed awkwardly all the way back here being a two-seat sports car the GT is never going to be the most practical car out there but the passenger compartment does have plenty of space the seats are really supportive and have loads of adjustment and there’s enough room in the boot for a few weekend bags the big question is has AMG done the business in engineering the GT well if performance is at the top of your priority list then you better believe

it beneath the bonnet lies a twin turbocharged 4 litre v8 with 503 brake horsepower and 479 pounds from torque that makes the car good for naught to 62 in 3.8 seconds at a top speed of 193 but those are just numbers is the way this thing run speed that really makes things interesting even partial pressure on the throttle gives you a truly savage burst of acceleration and if you keep your foot in it is just relentless the engine works really well with the 7-speed twin-clutch gearbox as well and as you can hear its sound glorious

Mercedes-AMG GT

this style down here lets you switch between driving modes which alters the behavior of things like the gearbox the stability control and the suspension in its comfiest mode the ride is still pretty firm it’s a supercar it’s gonna be but it’s far from unbearable select a sporty ER setting and you’re rewarded with rock-solid body control a huge amount of grip for a car

this big it feels really light and agile unfortunately lightness is also something that applies to the steering and not in a good way it just doesn’t have that gift that encourages you to push the boundaries of the car and a bit more steering feel well if we’re honest quite a lot more steering feel wouldn’t go amiss either the Mercedes AMG GT isn’t the definitive supercar from a dynamic point of view but it is a very likeable and enjoyable car and it looks and sounds like nothing else on the road it’s also pretty affordable by supercar standards but lacks nothing in glamor or dry if you enjoyed watching

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