Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2014 review

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2014 review the compact executive market has traditionally been dominated by three German offerings from Audi BMW and Mercedes all delivering

the same thing but in very different ways the Audi with its impressive build quality the BMW with its outstanding driving dynamics so where does that leave

the Mercedes c-class before you decide on the important things like the engine size and which optional extras to have needs decide

what kind of c-class you would actually like a sporty saloon or a comfortable Cruiser because it’s available in two very different versions both of which look and drive completely differently up for the sport and you’ll get the distinct three-pointed star on the grill rather than protruding from the bonnet as seen on the SE and elegance models sports back versions also get a more aggressive

looking body kit and alloy wheels courtesy of performance wing AMG there’s a real sense of occasion behind

the wheel of the c-class okay the dials might not be as showing as the Audi a4 and the build quality may not be in the same league either but you certainly won’t be disappointed everything

2014 mercedes-benz c-class c300 4matic review

has a real thought-through feel to it whether it’s the soothing dial lighting or the molded finger ridges in the interior door handles the center console is fairly clutter-free – and that’s thanks to this single rotary knob which controls the on-screen functions for radio phone and the optional Sat Nav this e-class isn’t cheap when matched pound-for-pound with its rivals having said that the standard equipment is pretty generous

with all models and with dual zone climate control daytime running lights and electric windows safety kits is pretty impressive too with all models having seven airbags including one that is specifically designed to protect the drivers left knee you won’t be found wanting for space in the c-class either as is enough leg stretching room for four adults to relax in comfort there is also space for a fifth person but they may struggle a little bit

with the legroom because of the transmission tunnel running through the center of the car a hindrance with all rear-wheel drive cars and the boot is one of the biggest in

its class and a very practical rectangular shape on the road the handling varies depending on which version you opted for all versions come with adaptive suspension

but the sport model is more agile thanks to lower stiffer settings and more direct steering but it just doesn’t have the same involvement as the BMW 3-series the ride is pretty firm but despite being more direct than the SE and the elegance models the steering isn’t as precise as we would

like as for engines there’s no shortage of choice from a 1.8 litre 158 horsepower to a heart-stopping 6.3 liter AMG version

that will trouble many supercars for performance but for driving in the real world is a 220 CDI is probably the Pick of the range especially for company car drivers with its low emissions and running costs matched with strong performance some of the smaller diesel engines are little gruff too and probably best avoided but elsewhere across the range the c-class is a comfortable refined motorway cruiser Marcedes evolved we’re always

geared around comfort and elegance alienating those customers looking for something with a bit more sparkle behind the wheel but with the c-class Mercedes has a car that will not only appeal to those new customers but also attract the more traditional one

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