Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe review

Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe review if you don’t fancy a BMW 3-series but still want rear-wheel drive and a premium badge then a Mercedes c-class coupe a is a car for

you it’s based on the same platform as a c-class saloon which is a real return to form for Mercedes and remains one of the best mid-sized detective saloons you can buy some ingredients are looking good in true

Mercedes fashion the styling of the c-class coupe a is on the conservative side sorry handsome looking car but the only flashy jewelry on show of these daytime running

LED lights the c-class coupe a is kitted out like a sports model of the saloon this car has sports suspension 17-inch alloy wheels and an AMG bodykit to make

Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe review

the car look more agile and planted whereas a c-class saloon can sometimes feel like sitting your favorite armchair the coupe I offers plenty of sporty touches and these new seats are of that more lateral support to give the card a bit more purpose

there’s a sense of quality of familiarity in here and you still have the Mercedes single stall control which controls everything from the lights and indicator and the wipers but the sat-nav found an audio system are all controlled

by this nicely weighted dial in the centre and it’s all hooked up to the very intuitive a nicely presented command interface it may be a strict floor sisa but Mercedes are thought about those rear passengers allowing

them easy access into the rear seats you do have to be a bit limber to get in but once there is plenty of shoulder room although some may find the sloping roofline has robbed a little Headroom the rear side windows have full frames too

which reduces wind noise and improves to find them in the boot the load space is deep and square with minimal lip which makes Logan Eames on the road the c-class coupe

I feel more like a grand tourer than a sporting cocaine even though it has lowered and stiffened suspension fitted as standard it never feels like the kind of car that you encourage to hustle it still feels very responsive though

the chassis is very well sorted and it rides and bumps very well despite this test car running on 17-inch alloy wheels in fact the potholes

I’m running over almost entirely isolated from the cabin but it almost feels more mature more civilized than the BMW 3-series as for engines and the full complement of petrol and diesel engines is here and the 250 CDI is particularly

well suited to the character of the car performance is effortless from the four-cylinder and the 7-speed automatic gearbox

is very smooth all models are blue efficiency equipped using direct injection engines and features start/stop eco technology which you can also turn off so the Mercedes c-class coupe a doesn’t take any risks aesthetically or dynamically

that alone makes it a fascinating ownership proposition and look behind the premium badging you’ll find the car that is great to drive it’s very comfortable looks great and it’s competitively priced plus it’s got a pair of seats in the back that you can actually use I can’t understand why anyone hasn’t felt this before

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