Mercedes C-Class saloon review 2015

if you’re a company car driver then the chances are that you’ve already looked at or at the very least considered buying the new Mercedes c-class crowned World Car of the Year in 2015 it’s been selling like absolute hotcakes since it was first launched but is it actually any good to drive looks count for an awful lot whether your chauffeuring your nearest and dearest to a beautiful wedding venue like baat Lee’s mansion

here or just pulling up in the executive car park the c-class gets things spot-on in this department it’s a really desirable thing and it owes its smart looks to the larger s-class limousine so it’s got the same long low bonnet sporty 2 bar grille and those large air intakes at the front this AMG line model really cranks things up a notch in the looks department too with full LED lights front and rear an aggressive body kit 5 spoke 18-inch alloy wheels and lashings of extra chrome trim

but even the sport models look the part it’s only the base SE versions that miss out on the shiniest baubles the wow factor continues on the inside to the new c-class is about as luxurious as compact executive saloons come all of the switchgear is finished with dense expensive feeling materials this wide center console can be finished in piano black but I prefer in this bare grain wood trim and all by the SE versions come with these figure-hugging heated faux leather seats up front the only point of contention

is this large iPad style tablet display here on the center of the dash it houses either a 7 inch or 8.4 inch screen depending on whether you go for the optional command online infotainment system but it really juts out from this wide center console and some people I think would prefer a retractable design it’s all controlled here through this rotary wheel which is fairly easy to use and allows you to skip between the different menus and functions but it’s not as intuitive of rival systems in Aldi’s M BMWs and I have to say this touchpad style iPhone interface up here at the top which lets you trace letters and pinch and zoom is a nice idea in theory but it’s actually a right fact to use when you’re trying to drive the car

I’m sitting in now also has plenty of features to get your pulse racing including this sporty three-spoke steering wheel aluminium drilled pedals and soft LED lighting throughout

which gives it a really classy feel there’s some choice options fitted to this particular car as well including the brilliant sounding 13 speaker Burmaster stereo this panoramic glass sunroof and keyless entry and go that’s all included as part of the extensive but fairly expensive premium plus package cars like this are all about making the driver feel special you’re much less likely to get driven around in the back of one of these than you are in one of its larger siblings like the E or s-class having said

that those in the back of the c-class won’t feel too shortchanged as you can see there’s plenty of knee and Headroom even with the panoramic glass roof fit into this model but there’s just about enough room for two adults back here plenty of storage and a decent boot behind as well so if you’re buying a car for business use you’re probably going to be more preoccupied with co2 and mpg than you are with bhp and mph but with the c-class you can definitely have your cake and eat it let me give you a prime example the car

I’m driving here is a C 300 BlueTEC hybrid it’s a mild hybrid that pairs a 2.1 litre diesel engine with a small electric motor for a combined 228 brake horsepower and 369 pounds feet of torque those are some pretty serious numbers for just a small executive saloon which means it’ll do nought to 62 miles an hour in just six point four seconds and it’ll also have the top speed of well over 150 miles an hour great you think but if you also spec the 17-inch alloy wheels then

it will emit just 94 grams per kilometer that’s pretty much better than most other saloons on the market and it’ll also return close to 80 mpg on the official government cycle the normal diesels are very good as well they’re punchy in gear and they also return close to class leading co2 fingers as well so what’s the catch well this 2.1 litre engine

I have to say is quite old and it’s certainly not the most refined or smooth accelerating diesel power plant out there confusingly there are quite a few different suspension options to choose from but a good rule of thumb with the c-class is that the more expensive and sportier version you go for the lower and the stiffer the springs will become however the car we’re driving here that’s got the optional air suspension comes with an agility select system so you’ve got five different profiles to choose from and that means you can make it a very comfortable

relaxing softly damp motorway cruiser or tighten everything up for a bit more of a sporty Drive the steering is quick and direct but it weights up a little bit inconsistent so its responses aren’t always as trustworthy as those you’d get in say Jaguar XE or the class benchmark the BMW 3-series it doesn’t have quite as much front-end grip as those cars either which is a bit of a shame because these niggles do spoil what’s otherwise a very competent and capable motorway cruiser as long as

you do go for that optional AIRMATIC suspension the Mercedes c-class looks the business and with a practical high quality interior and generous equipment it has most of the important bases covered with strong efficient diesel engines it’s also very affordable to run we wish it was a little more refined and a little more engaging to drive but it’s still one of the best compact detectives you can buy you

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