Mercedes E Class car review

the Mercedes e-class has its work cut out fighting from placing the company carpark with the likes of Audi BMW Jaguar and Lexus all trying to tempt executives to invest in their cars sensibly though Mercedes hasn’t tried to take on any of its rivals at their own game concentrating instead on doing

what it does best that means the e-class isn’t just a pretty face there’s real substance behind that bold styling when you look at a car as smart as this it’s hard three there’s any great debate about how it should look yet much discussion was had back in with ladies H key before this car went on sale and most of that debate centered on one part the headlights you see previous generations of the e-class had twin headlights and they’ll probably the feature most responsible for making it stand out from

its rivals so if the desire to propose these one-piece units was tantamount to a revolution still despite all that discussion the designers got their way and we’re mighty glad they did because the car looks pretty damn fine to us these part LED lights frame this trademark chrome grille that houses the company’s famous three pointed star while the long bonnet and the chrome detailing mean this car means real business and that’s in this basic a/c trim if you want your eClass to stand up that little bit more in the company

car park you can always upgrade to AMG line trim that gives the car a sporty makeover with larger alloys a unique body kit and sports suspension you won’t find any gimmicks inside an eClass that’s not to say it’s conservative on the contrary everywhere you look as an unmistakable feeling of high class and high quality leather upholestry is standard on every model in the range along with this really beautiful contrasting dark aluminium trim and ambient lighting in the door panels it’s packed

with the latest technology most of the car’s infotainment systems are controlled through this screen by rotary controller on the center console sadly although that sounds great in principle funny way to the umpteen menus really takes some getting used to it’s awkward do these shortcut buttons a site in a different place

the controller on the other hand this setup does mean the dashboard is less cluttered than it might be and thanks to the foot operated parking brake and the fact the model is an automatic gearbox which essentially is the entire range have the gear selector here on the steering column as loads of space in the center console to store your odds and sods perhaps most importantly it’s really spacious in here with plenty of room in the front for a couple of six-footers these seats are heated as standard and they’re really comfortable over long distances stretch the options list you can even add massaging and cooling functions

it’s just as luxurious here in the back seats thanks the excellent head and leg room got easily fit another couple of six foot tall adults the only disappointment is that this transmission tunnel in the floor makes life really uncomfortable anybody sitting in this center seat the boot too is enormous one the biggest in its class in fact if there is a frustration so you don’t get split folding rear seats as standard and if you do want them you’ll be charged several hundred quid for the privilege

while some rivals pride themselves on their sporty drive Mercedes is Carly’s own niche with comfort top of the agenda with a notable exception of the e63 AMG which is a superb high-performance saloon every class is at its best as a cruiser smooth and comfortable for mile after mile away from the motorway the cars much happy when the driver adopts a more relaxed driving style that’s not to say the car isn’t good or enjoyable to drive in fact a little suspension is set up for comfort

it’s still nicely balanced and really well controlled the steering is speed sensitive so it combines easy low-speed maneuvering with sharper responses our high speed and if you want things even more comfortable you can specify the optional air suspension there’s a very very expensive option and it comes at a price

it’s really hard to justify there are various engines to choose from but most parts will undoubtedly go for one of the diesel engines not only do they have lower co2 emissions and better fuel economy than the petrol unit they also have useful extra pull at low revs and that makes them much less hard work to drive

if money was no object you’d go for the super smooth 6 or under a 350 if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of refinement then either of the cheaper and more economical four-cylinder units do the job perfectly well enough you might also consider the diesel electric hybrid which is the most economical powertrain in the range

but in our experience it only runs on electric power line for a very limited amount of time and when the diesel engine is called into action it’s really very unrefined you don’t have to work too hard to find an executive car that’s cheaper more refined or more economical than the e-class but even so it still has a lot to recommend it for a start by focusing on comfort rather than out and out driving thrills it offers something a little different to its rivals and with its fine quality spacious cabin and long list of standard equipment it’s well worth a look if you’re after an executive car

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