Mercedes E-Class Coupé 2017 review

the latency eClass range is ever-expanding since the saloon kick

things off last year we’ve driven the estate the all-terrain and the cab relay

and now we’re driving the sneakers of a lot the coupe a search basically the

same underpinnings as the e-class saloon but as its name suggests it has two

doors and seating for four you’ve got the choice of a two litre Fault in the

petrol three litre v6 petrol or the 2-liter forcing the diesel that we’re

driving here today is on sale now at just over 40,000 pounds which actually

makes it quite a bit cheap as its closest rivals the Audi a7 and the BMW

6-series then quite a bit more than smaller rivals such as the Audi a5 and

the BMW 4 Series now to comfortably the city classic they drive a perfect system

what it’s going to do you read for the agility it’s more about relaxation in

cruising not say this to exporters of need real car producers me when you

wanted to I feel perfectly suited to the car but it’s more about cruising on the

motorway where it’s much more refined now the chassis the suspension on this

particular car at speed caveat you can see where the obvious one in the UK

it’s not as active suspension the UK cars will come without the suspension in

standard but regardless it’s comfortable and we think that when you care you’ll

be able to stop it off even further in comfort mode it will be even better and

as I say it isn’t the most agile car speed its weight in the corners this

particular Clarence four-wheel drive so thank you grid but it’s steering it a

little bit numb a little bit vague and frankly you’re going to be having some

in other cue points similar front inside the e-class coupe has lots of room for

to lad ult’s around the front seats and while Adams can sit in the back of the

push they won’t want to be there for very long the boot is a decent 425

liters although that space is actually quite flat and has a narrow access the

optional Command entertainment system you see here is impressive though an

there’s no faulting the firm’s build quality the e-class coupe a really does

feel like a smaller s-class inside because of the way them say the e-class

coupe a is priced it doesn’t really have any direct rivals but nevertheless it

stacks up well against those that it does have the do that we’ve driven here

today it’s strong its competitively clean and frugal and anybody noise when

you push it extremely hard also rides well it stands suspension and the fact

that it’s not the sharpest coupe a to drive won’t matter to the majority of

buyers add to that it’s fantastic cabin and you have a very very convincing.

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