Mercedes E Class Estate 2018 review

if you’re looking for a spacious and luxurious family estate then there are

really only a few options out there especially if you want that car to be

made in Germany in fact there are only three the Audi a6 Advantage BMWs five

series touring and this the Mercedes e-class estate now as its name suggests

the e-class estate is a stretched version of the e-class saloon a car

which we’ve already been very impressed by but if you look towards the rear

you’ll see it has a much bigger boot and that means that as well as ferrying your

family around in style you’ll also be able to take all of their luggage it’s

high-tech inside too because the e-class estate gets all of the same interior

fixtures and driving aids which we’ve been impressed by on the e-class saloon

so is the e-class estate the best estate car that money can buy or will

fundamentally cheaper offerings such as Skoda Superb estate turn out to be a

better bet keep watching to find out starting with how it handles on UK roads

now the chances are that if you’re in the market for a load lugging estate car

like this then you plan on doing big miles it’s just as well then the main

engine options on offer in the e-class estate are all diesels the entry-level

choice is the e 200 d and that gets you a 2 litre diesel engine which feels fine

that said there’s no loss in co2 or fuel economy by upgrading to the more

powerful e to 20 D so that’s the option we choose and it’s the engine we’ve got

in this car it certainly feels more punchy and can whisk you up to motorway

speeds with ease it’s not that refined though especially compared to the super

smooth diesels you’ll find in all these a6 Avant at the top of the diesel range in the

e350 d which gets a v6 engine with even more power and a nine speed automatic

gearbox as standard its vastly more expensive to buy though and emits more

co2 which in turn will push up your company car tax bills and for those

looking for blistering performance there’s a petrol option badged as the e43

but since it’s so expensive to buy it’s not very recommendable regardless of

which engine you go for though the e-class doesn’t inspire you to fling it

into corners there’s a lot of body lean on offer that said if you’re content to

cruise around then it is very comfortable indeed and there’s very

little wind or road noise at motorway speeds there’s also a toggle down here

on the centre console which allows you to flick between different driving modes

they do make a lot of difference especially if you go for the sportier

modes although there’s also in an individual option which allows you to

tailor the engine and steering to your own preference if you’ve ever sat inside

a Mercedes e-class saloon then all of

the fixtures and fittings in here will be familiar to you it all looks

thoroughly modern and there are plenty of plus materials on display although

that said parts of this dashboard do

look a bit flimsy and they even flex and make a sound if you poke them hard

enough finding a comfortable driving position is easy though thanks to this

seat which are just electrically and this steering wheel which adjust for

height as well as for reach again on this car electrically it’s only slightly

disappointing though that adjustable

lumbar support is an optional extra on our recommended se models elsewhere

though everything in this interior feels plush there’s all of these buttons along

here for the various driver aids and the command infotainment system down here on

the center console modern infotainment systems play a big part in making a

family car success these need to be

sharp easy to use and offer plenty of features and the latest version of

Mercedes Command infotainment system is just that even though for our money BMWs

iDrive system offers a more complete package there are still plenty of features this

command system worth noting as standard on this et 20d model you get an 8.4 inch

screen with Garmin sat-nav but we recommend that you upgrade for the

larger twelve point three inch screen and Mercedes own command system now if

you’ve teamed that with the virtual instrument cluster which we’ve got here

then it really does change the look and feel of the dashboard and it really does

make a big difference let’s find my

phone and go to telephone we’re going to first of all connect a device and we’re

going to connect a new phone if I go to bluetooth should now be the yes there it

is straight away Mercedes Benz bluetooth

it’s asking me to tear my phone there we go yes that all matches and if we give it a second

excellent that’s all worked and that means I can now make calls and play my

music from my phone crucially while

keeping my eyes and attention on the road although alternatively this car does

come with apple carplay and android also if you want to go down that route

secondly let’s see how easy it is to set a destination in the car sat-nav so if I

scroll over to navigation and use this rotary dial to select destination and

enter destination and now going to use this touchpad which like other modern

systems can recognize your handwriting and as ever and there’s Wayne for

offices in Twickenham if I start writing CW sound flicking them very quickly so

let’s select that it’s asking for a rope now let’s just that the destination is

then going to start calculating is being calculated now this map display is very graphically rich and it’s very easy to

use but one of the features of this virtual instrument cluster is you can

put that display into your direct field of vision so if you’ve got the family around you and they’re choosing their

media station you can keep your eyes on the road space and practicality is

really where this eClass estate starts to differentiate itself from some of the

smaller estate cars out there because there is masses of space here in the

front and even taller drivers and their passengers will have plenty of room to

stretch out as also so more storage options and you’ll

reasonably have any need for these large door pockets can each hold a water

bottle as well as all of your other sundry items and there is more space too because on the center console there’s

this cubby hole here there’s another one

here under the center armrest and of course you’ve got a traditional glove box too

it all adds up to simply masses of space it’s a similar story here in the back

seat because even if you opt for this panoramic glass roof there’s still more

than enough Headroom for taller passengers legroom is pretty good too

although it’s not class-leading certainly though two adults will be fine

on this rear bench although put three people back here and they will start to

feel the squeeze over longer journeys where you won’t feel the squeeze though

is with boot space and this standard powered tailgate opens up to reveal a

four area that’s simply massive so regardless of what you need to carry

things like boxes suitcases luggage anything like that you will have more

than enough space in the e-class estate and it doesn’t end there because if I

take out this suitcase we find that there’s even more space under the floor

another huge area and it’s clever too because on this car we’ve also got a

mercedes-benz carrying crate for all of our little items but if you need even

more space than that perhaps for a big DIY job at the weekend and you need to

turn the e-class estate into what is

effectively a van well it’s good news and it’s easy because you can drop the

rear seat at the touch of a button just like that you’ll be able to get your

family all of their luggage and the kitchen sink into the mercedes-benz

e-class but which versions should you

buy that’s the question we’ll answer in

the final part of this review on paper the e-class estate is an expensive

choice even among premium rivals such as the Audi a6 Avant and BMW 5-series

touring but it does compensate you for that

with plenty of standard equipment we’d stick with se which gets you climate

control sat-nav a self parking system

heated leather seats and keyless start go for the e 350 d

and you’ll also get the more advanced infotainment system and air suspension

our choice though is the e220 D because its co2 emissions of just 109 grams per

kilometer are among the best in this class for a car with an automatic

gearbox it’s also good news when it

comes to depreciation because M Class will hold on to its value better than

many other cars in this class although you will have to spend more on servicing

than you would for the Audi or the BMW euro n cap has yet to test this car but

given that it comes with automati emergency braking as standard as well as seven airbags and an active bonnet to help protect pedestrians you can bet that it’s very safe indeed the bottom line in fact is this there are cheaper estate car rivals out there and some are even better to drive than the big Mercedes but this cars excellent.

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