Mercedes R-Class MPV review

Mercedes R-Class MPV reviewMercedes R-Class MPV review the Mercedes our class is something of an enigma one of those cars that seemed like a great idea in principle

but it’s difficult to define where it actually belongs looking at the spec sheet doesn’t really help either it’s a seven-seater but not an obvious MPV

it’s got four-wheel drive but not a natural contender for going off-road and despite the very obvious premium feel to it it’s not the kind of car that you’d see down the country club so the big question

is where does the archives belong the best way to look at it is as an alternative form to luxury family transport more of a premium upgrade for the whole family rather than just a luxury ticket for two there’s no getting away from

Mercedes R-Class MPV review

the fact that parked alongside more familiar 7 seater Xand four-by-fours the r-class definitely stands out with its sleek imposing body style it’s better suited to the Hollywood Boulevard than the Chelsea High Street plus

all the elements you’d expect from a car with a three-pointed star on the bonnet there’s this grille is more commonly associated with the sporty models in the lineup and these daytime running

LED lights and then working down the side of the car is this sloping roofline which is like a GL class that’s been squashed and stretched and it’s this long body that makes the r-class such a hit

with the well-heeled families because there’s enough space for 7 to stretch out in luxurious comfort and if you opt for the long wheelbase you get even more 23 centimeters to be precise in reality the longer version is the one to go for it’s the rear we use for more than just occasional use

but when they’re not needed they fold into the floor with relative ease revealing a boot of mammoth proportions however the sloping roofline means the boot opening isn’t the tallest so it’s not as ideal for loading larger items than more conventional several cities behind

the wheel its standard Mercedes fare are very well laid out – extremely practical with a hint of premium finish with no shortage of extras to make

that journey from A to B just a bit more comfortable extras like electrically adjustable heated and ventilated seats with electrically adjustable lumbar support dual zone climate control and somewhere to plug

your mp3 player while in the back passengers can sit back relax and watch their favorite DVD should the mood suit the standard upholstery is artificial leather the real stuff is available as an optional extra

but you do get real hide on the steering wheel elsewhere all models get privacy glass front fog lamps and fiber-optic tail lamps not exactly your standard MPV the engine lineup is simple a choice of two

three litre Diesel’s without a 190 brake horsepower or 224 both with the 7g tronic 7-speed automatic transmission which is both effortless at speeds or just puzzling around town both cars

are smooth refined and respectively economical considering the size and weight of the car the pic of the range is the r350 it might be more expensive to buy and run

but it has a more impressive kit list and is a better room rounder it also gets four-wheel drive which makes it an ideal towing machine and of course safer in more hazardous conditions

the r-class may break all the rules when it comes to 7-seater affordability but it brings a bit of opulence to what is normally fairly unexcited if you can live with

it stand out design and fairly excessive running costs and you’ll be driving one of the most luxurious family cars money can buy

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