Mini Cooper Hatch Review

they say that history has a habit of repeating itself and nowhere is that more true than with the mini the original car

was a genuinely revolutionary little thing and when BMW relaunched the MINI brand in 2001 it started another revolution and created a whole new class of car all the premium sue companies that we’re seeing now everything from the Audi a1 to the box or Adam owned their existence to the success of this car it’s hard to think of any car on sale today

that has a more instantly recognizable shape than this thanks to its circular headlights the upturned grille and the short wheelbase even people who know nothing about cars know that this is a mini critics will say that this car is too big to be a real Mini but that hasn’t stopped customers queuing up in their thousands to buy this car since the second-generation model went on sale in 2001 the real beauty of the car is

how those classic looks have been given a more modern twist above all what sets the Mini apart from its rivals is the chance for each owner to truly personalize their car you can tailor everything from the color of the roof and the mirror caps to the stripes on the bonnet and the alloy wheels you can even specify white indicator lenses and black headlights the list is almost endless and what that means is that no two minis need ever look alike inside two the mini is full of retro touches

like this huge speedometer in the center of the dashboard the trouble is that mix of old and new doesn’t work as well inside the mini as it does outside form has taken precedence over function the toggle switch is at the bottom of the dashboard for example look great but there are pain to use and some of these materials look and feel really cheap what is surprising is there’s quite a bit of room inside the mini well in the front at least a six-foot driver won’t feel at all cramped it’s only in the back that the mini really lives up to its name just getting here is tricky enough

if you’ve got tall people in the front seats no a dog will be comfortable back here the boots pretty small too but let’s face it if you wanted a practical super mini you probably wouldn’t be looking at the many in the first place the best bit about the mini is the way it drives and even around town it’ll put a smile on your face but it’s when you find an open road that the car really comes into its own the steering is well waiting and accurate the handling wonderfully sharp and because of the cars small size it feels really agile sadly there is a price to pay a lack of comfort

there’s no getting away from the firm ride and if you can’t live with that you probably can’t live with a mini overall though it’s a relatively small compromise and if you like the sound of the mini and the biggest choice is which model to go for for us the most basic minis don’t quite cut it and if you want the full fat experience we recommend going for at least a cooper and preferably with a petrol engine then if you can stretch to a Cooper S you’ll have one of the best hot hatches in Britain you can argue to you’re blue in the face about whether

this mini is a worthy successor to the iconic original model but frankly we wouldn’t bother just take it for what it is it may have a few faults but it’s great looking fantastic fun to drive and a car you can truly personalize all in all it’s one of the most desirable small cars in Britain

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