Mini Coupe car review

many have built its reputation for offering small premium cars with sporty handling and retro modern styling albeit with some pretty limited carbon space the mini hatch has been such a UK sales success that it’s pop – parent company BMW to look at expanding the folio while still maintaining that unique mini flavor well there’s no mistake and it makes

this it’s called the mini coop a it’s the first two-seater of the model range and it’s been designed as a very different alternative to the Volkswagen Scirocco Peugeot RCZ and even the Audi TT though the coupe eight is clearly recognizable as a mini from the Beltline down it’s pretty much the same length and width of the regular mini hatch these steeply raked a pillars what the designers refer to as a helmet roof plus this all-new wraparound glass house makes it sit 29 millimeters lower than its more conventional sibling if that

isn’t enough the coupe a also features minis first retractable spoiler which operates at speeds over 50 miles an hour when you sit inside the mini QP you immediately feel the impact of that shop roofline not so much in space there’s actually a decent amount of room in here especially thanks to these scalloped sections and the headlining the main issue is visibility as that steep windscreen has created a very narrow letterbox style aperture to see out of and the view out the back isn’t much better luckily

the layout and controls are business as usual the dinner-plate size speedometer and Chrome’s toggle switches have all been lifted straight out of the regular mini hatch the steering wheel is still adjustable for rake and reach you’ve got your usual scattering of practical cubbies and although some of the plastics around the edges are a little bit brittle the overall finish like with all minis is brilliant now being a strict two-seater not only means the mini coop 8 is safe from being adopted by all those hipster estate agents it also makes

the car surprisingly practical with a boot opening that’s more hatchback than the mini hatch yeah there may be a little bit of a lip to that loading area but having the optional ski hatch for longer items there’s a nice little touch one of the main reasons why you buy a mini in the first place is the way it drives all models have sweet agile handling

but the mini cheap lace is probably the best of the bunch having that lower center of gravity and the new body shell has made it torsionally more rigid than the current hatchback and that makes the turn into super sharp & handli through the corners it’s very flat very predictable also very safe unfortunately the ride quality is firm there’s also a noticeable amount of road noise that translates into the cabin and that will get a little bit tiresome if you spend a lot of your daily commute and high-speed sections in terms of engines

you’ve got three petals and the Cooper SP diesel he’ll come fitted with this very slickly 6-speed manual gearbox as standard the top of the range John Cooper Works is currently the fastest mini in production while this Cooper SD still feels quite ready for a diesel and yet manages 60 5.7 mpg on the combined run turns out the Mini Cooper is more than just an elaborate style exercise like all minis it’s well-built fun to drive but this one even manages to carry more than a couple of shopping bags be warmed the visibility is poor the ride quality is firm and there are only two seats but if you want something that’s going to turn a ridiculous amount heads this is it you

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