Nissan 370Z coupe review

you listen has been making zed cars for decades they’re not about refinement or having a desirable batch no they’re out to things fun and power both of

which come in abundant see after a small break of making crews ed cars this one introduced the cheers favorite 350 said and then this is follow up the 370 said it’s more clever better for Mother Nature and more powerful than its predecessor we could use words like flowing or dynamic to describe the 370 said but that will be wrong its muscular

I know it seems odd to describe an entire car using that particular word but that’s what it is it’s muscular look at its smooth bonnet and boomerang lights it’s all about looking like it’s gonna rip your face off it’s the same at the back look at its flared haunches and wide rear arches they look like they’re going to launch it far far into the distance also look at these alloys optional 19-inch forged alloy raised there pretty special too appearance is everything with a car like this so what happens in here is rather important its predecessor

the 350 Zed was a little bit cheap and to a budget but the 370 said has a lot more premium feel there are soft touch plastics and the touch point a much more pleasure to finger there are some odd touches in here for example there’s only one cup holder and if you don’t spec sat-nav you end up with a cubby hole where it’s supposed to be it’s too shallow to be of any real use you do get a glove box in the 370z and the boot is fairly capacious for a sports car and unlike the 350z the torsion beam doesn’t get in the way on the road 378 feels just like a small Japanese muscle car

which is good because that’s precisely what it is the chassis is rather stiff which means cornering is rather firm if you’re looking for a comfortable ride that’s not ideal but does mean I see yourself around a corner it’s a little bit faster power is not a concern for the 370z it’s the best value performance card you can buy ok it’s not the cleanest almost economical

but it’ll match the Porsche Cayman for pace and the engine sounds rather lovely too the controls are rather weighty and sometimes you do have to put a little bit of effort in is great when you’re getting a shift on but not so great around town town drivers will prefer the automatic gearbox but is nobody was satisfying as the manual speaking of the manual

it does have a rather clever trick up its sleeve it’s called synchro rev what it does is the car detects when you’re changing down a gear and blips the throttle for smoother transition now if you’re not schooled on your heel and toe it is three things one very clever two very neatly three very fun it can never lead to unnecessary downshift does he get to see the rev counter go all wobbly

the steering offers good feedback and is rather progressive but we wouldn’t go so far as the same confidence-inspiring we do like the fact though that if you’re in the right mood and somewhere safe it’s easy to coax into a spot that lies oversteer one slight annoyance is the amount of road noise in here it could get pretty irritating over longer journeys the Nissan 370z is a cheap way of going very very quickly indeed

no it’s not premium and it won’t impress your non car loving friends and relatives but every time you get in it it’ll put a big old smile on your face it cares what other people think about that

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