Nissan Juke review

Nissan Juke review you you Misun may be known for making super mini staples like the micro but it also has a fine reputation for creating all-new model niches

the cash guy practically invented the family crossover another company’s hoping to do it all over again with this it’s called the Nissan Juke it’s a super mini sized crossover that’s priced above

the Micra it’s more than a little bit different this time Juke has been designed as an urban proof alternative to more conventional super minis despite

Nissan Juke review

the fact it’s only a little bit longer than a Ford Fiesta the tall profile and these puff-puff shoulders and hips really help make it look a lot bigger no doubt these looks will be divisive but is a piece of design you cannot say that it isn’t original I love these boomerang shaped lamp graphics at the rear that give the car a bit more visual width

and the high body line combined with this tapering glass house really help give them feeling that you’re in your own little protective

tank these indicator lenses set on top of the bonnet may look unconventional but they’re actually really practical allowing the driver to mark out the car’s dimensions

when you negotiate in tight spaces disappointingly inside doesn’t have the same sense of conviction the biggest criticism is the complete absence of soft touch plastics used in the construction of either

the dashboard or the door cards you get this kind of quality in cars like the Ford Fiesta these days but in here it all feels a bit hard brittle fortunately

the use of colors shapes and textures like in this metallic center console still makes it an attractive place to sit the raised driving position offers

you a commanding view of the road ahead the seats are comfortable and the steering is adjustable for just rake and not reach dials are simple and easy to read the glovebox massive

but the sat-nav screen is tiny rear passengers will find knee room back here adequate for Headroom is slightly more pinched due to this sloping roofline the boot however is good with decent load space fall flat seating and no boot lip combined

with steering that is light and a little lacking in feel you get the impression that this cars been set up more for city center speed hubs

that I have LaMontagne local bee road again there are niggles the rear 3/4 visibility is pretty poor and this dynamic mode interface which confusingly is shared

with the climate control there’s a little bit like a gimmicky afterthought you got various settings from sport to normal to eco and everything input sport just seems to make the car feel a little bit sluggish

you get loads of graphics to play with – like a torque indicator and even if g-force meter reading but don’t get any ideas this is no hot hatch regardless of engine though most cars

are two-wheel drive you can spec the turbocharged 1.6 liter petrol engine with both a CVT automatic transmission and four-wheel drive and though that may improve your cornering speed slightly got a bear in mind

that it adds cost weight and it’s going to eat into that rear boot space if you can expunge all those ideas of what you thought a supermini should be or should look like then the Nissan Juke

is a very refreshing proposition but for such originality offers great value no doubt the main reason why you’ll be interested in one of these things is for the looks

but rest assured is a good car under here too and for other design driven small cars like the MINI Countryman this is going to be a big wake up call you

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