Nissan Leaf car review 2014

Nissan Leaf car review 2014 you I can’t not be impressed by how many times Nissan has reinvented cars we drive the Qashqai the Juke the cube Misun really has a habit of inventing cars we didn’t even know

we were waiting for now the company is taking a big lead in the electric car agenda and the leaf as the world’s first globally produced all-electric family car that also happens to be vaguely affordable

with this car Nissan is really staking its claim as being a massive player in the post petrol era cars with electric motors and batteries are as old as cars themselves but perhaps the more important thing here

Nissan Leaf car review 2014

is the advancement of battery technology and that is making customers as well as the UK government to pay much more attention even though most of the batteries that power this car sit beneath

the floor Nissan has endeavored to make the leaf look as car-like as possible with a bonnet as well as a hatchback dimensions wise it’s roughly the same size as a Ford Focus though it’s been specifically styled

with the wind tunnel in mind so these wing mirrors the front headlamps and even the windscreen wiper has been redesigned to reduce drag as well as wind rustle charging the leaf is as easy as popping

the badge and plugging in either the fast or slow charger depending on what power sources available to you you can get an electric charging station set up at home in your garage or depending on

what city you’re in you can join an electric car charging Club like this one source London here in the Big Smoke which for an annual fee allows you to park up and juice up at any of the allocated spaces inside again

there are no surprises with the layout except for the beige colored everything some of these cabin plastics are way behind the Ford Focus if that is what the leaf is trying to tempt customers away from and the digital display

is difficult to read in harsh sunlight that said there’s lots of practicality and standard equipment including keyless go adaptive headlamps air conditioning and even this 7 inch touchscreen satellite navigation

that can direct you to the nearest charging point you can also hook up the car to your own smartphone which allows you to check the car’s charge remotely the back easily has enough space for 3 adults and the boot is big that

when you fold down these rear seats there is a massive loading lip from where those batteries are located to turn the leaf on you simply press this starter button which creates a nice little tune

I then move the mouse key selector into drive release the electronic parking brake and hit the throttle and then you embrace the silence when you travel in at speeds up to 20 miles an hour Nissan

has actually had to create an artificial whirring noise to warn pedestrians of your presence fortunately the noise projects from the front of the bumper so you can’t actually hear it in the cabin being electric obviously

has the benefit of zero emissions and as well as being clean on your conscience it also means no vehicle Rotax annually as well as being exempt from the London congestion charge

because electric motors can summon all of their talk instantly the acceleration of this car is pretty Pacey to be honest the steering is light and precise if completely numb but the ride comfort is excellent driven

gently Nissan reckons you could cover 110 miles between charges in this thing though our experience suggests eighty miles are more realistic offer the Nissan Leaf shows

that the all-electric car isn’t some sort of pernicious threat to motoring but a sustainable form of future transport while that drivetrain may be game-changing unfortunately the interior and exterior design

is not plus having such a comparatively short fuel range is only going to limit appeal further bustard as a first attempt it is impressive but for the time being it’s only really going to make sense technology’s early adopters

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