Nissan Micra 2017 review

today we’re in little Hampton to test this the new Nissan Micra more

specifically the 1.5 diesel now this has co2 emissions of well under 100 grams

per kilometer and can do over 80 miles per gallon it’s not just a frugal little

thing though misson are talking about it being more fun to drive and more

spacious than before so what’s the new micro like on the road well the quick

answer is that it is much much improved compared to its predecessor with a good

balance between ride and handling it’s not quite the levels of high speed

comfort fabio delivers nor the fun that you get from a fiesta that said there

are positives so the diesel engine does remain pretty refined at speed although

you do notice some vibration from through the wheel idle and there is also

a lot of clutter and a hard acceleration inside well the dashboard is for the most part

very nice and finish with lots of soft touch bits here and there and comfy

areas to rest your elbow the only downside really is that in the back

Headroom is quite tight and the boot isn’t quite as big as what you get on a

Fabian other things well the infotainment system is easy to use

partially down to these buttons surrounding it although the graphics do

look a little bit basic compared to some of the best units out there compared to its predecessor there’s no doubt the new micro is a massive step forward not only

is it far far better to drive bu there’s more space inside for people a bigger boot and the interior feels much

higher in quality is it the car to beat well we’d say that Skoda Fabia has even

more Headroom to make more comfortable travel for actual adults and it’s a bit

nicer inside still that said if you’re sold on the looks then the micro is certainly well worth considering


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