Nissan Micra hatchback car review

Nissan Micra hatchback car review the Nissan Micra has always focused on contactless comfort and character however Nissan is calling

the new Micra a global car telling the super mini in 160 markets and moving production from Sunderland in the UK to India China and Thailand to be able to cope

but you know what they say about trying to please all of the people all of the time trying to make the micro appeal to so many different markets means listen has dumbed down the looks to the point of anonymity where the old model had a sharp tailored look in numerous body styles the new model is less contemporary is only available as a 5-door and just courts the overriding impression inside

the micro is that it’s being built on the cheap the plastics and trim feel insubstantial and less durable than those in a kippah Kanto comfort isn’t great for

the driver either as the steering wheel only adjusts up and down and there’s no seat height adjustment on the basic models the same entry-level models also miss out on a split and fold rear seat which is a black mark against practicality on the plus side there’s decent space in the mike for anyone in the front all the rear seats the simple – makes a stab at serving up some style but you’ll need to move away from

Nissan Micra hatchback car review

the basic models to get a decent spread of equipment in town the micromanages fine soaking up battered roads and zipping away from traffic lights light gear change and steering also help

the Nissan to feel at home in this city plus it has a very tight turning circle head out of town on faster roads though and the micro quickly shows up its limitations

the soft suspension starts to bounce around and leaves passengers feeling queasy there’s also too much road and wind noise in the micro for passengers feel to relax and enjoy the journey none of the engines offer strong performance and even the supercharged 1.2 liter petrol prefers economy over excitement

it’s still the best engine option in the micro as it’s the most refined most economical and has emissions low enough to warrant free Road tax though

it is pricey in all areas except space and safety the Nissan Micra feels like a significant step backwards we have to be objective in these instances and tell you like it is and the simple fact is we’d rather recommend a whole host of other super minis before recommending this one if you want to see the money that displays competency with even an ounce of character then look elsewhere

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