Nissan Qashqai 2014 review

Nissan Qashqai has been a huge sales success Nissan’s biggest in fact it’s the car that practically invented the crossover segment giving young families another choice other than the Ford Focus and the VW Golf and it’s built right here in the UK and it’s certainly a lot more interesting than the old missin L mirror although the cash guy looks like an SUV it’s actually the sizing of Ford Focus

I’ll be at 20 centimeters taller you can have it in four-wheel drive but the majority are sold front-wheel drive only so you’ll have a pseudo SUV on your driveway it’s got strong striking lines that make a comparatively small car look pretty angry it’s not going to bowl you over in the design stakes but it is far from tall to look at as a package it’s quite smart and you do get a lot of interior space thanks to the cars high ride you do get a very commanding view of the road and the steering is adjustable for both rate and reach the materials in here do feel nice and sturdy enough and there plenty of cup holders and storage cubbies for all the family

but is really not up to VW golf or Ford Focus standards and compared to the stuying revolution outside inside is distinctly average another downside is the weazy sat-nav screen that’s just out of your eye line so it’s quite difficult to see

when you’re driving no idea in the rear of the standard cash cart there’s plenty of room for both adults and children and also comes with a decent sized boot and folding seats there’s also a seven-seater cash k plus 2 option it has a longer wheelbase to make room for a couple of extra seats in the fact but do bear in mind that they’re only big enough for children and only really suitable for shorter journeys

they’re also a bit of a pain to get into the cash cart is perfectly suited to the UK’s bumpy rutted potholes nasty road thanks to some UK specific fettling to the handling you can fling it into a bend and it’s not as Rolie Polie as you’d expect an SUV to be no in fact it’s composed and entertaining where rivals like the Peugeot 3008 simply arms there are plenty of engines on offer but the one to go for is the 1.5 DCI pure Drive diesel

while it’s only got 108 brake horsepower it’ll do nought to 62 in 12 point 7 seconds and comes with engine start/stop as standard to help those all-important economy figures the Nissan Qashqai was the blueprint for an entirely new type of car and thanks to some UK specific fettling it’s good to drive has decent performance and is well priced most importantly though cash cars are in demand so if you’re on the market for a different kind of family hatchback maybe it’s time you found out why

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