Peugeot 208 hatchback review

the Peugeot 2 series is a supermini heavyweight with a fantastically rich history that most enthusiasts will remember the iconic 205 GTI the mark has actually been kicking around since 1929 there’s always appealed to a broad mix of people these days the small car market has never been more competitive so this latest version from

the French firm the 208 still needs to offer that regular dollar for French charm but it also needs to be good value safe well equipped fun to drive and still cheap to run that is a tough gig the strength of the Peugeot 208 lies in its style the car is actually 7 centimeters shorter than the 207 it replaces yet there’s a fluidity and sophistication about this design that gives

it plenty of presence I love this kink in the window line that gives this front wheel driver some much-needed shoulders and how the line that framed the new lion budge runs all the way over the top of the car in order to broaden appeal both 3 and 5-door body styles have a slightly different stance with the 3 door getting

this quite aggressive swage in the door sections here as well as this chromed ellipse that helps mimic the legendary 205 but regardless of body style it’s the details that set this car apart from these daytime running LED eyebrows to the LED klore graphic in the rear boomerang lights how this floating grill visually conveys that this part is actually lighter than its predecessor inside the architecture of the 208 is pretty stand out amongst the Ford Fiestas and Volkswagen polos of this world and the build quality is also strong

with real metal finishes ambient LED lighting as well as these plush figure-hugging seats the dash layout is very clean and modern you get this really small steering wheel which you sort of look over rather than through to catch a glimpse of the dials but it immediately makes the cabin feel sportier both wheel and driver seats are infinitely adjustable and there’s a decent amount of storage

all but the very basic models get air conditioning and this 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system they controls everything from your radio Bluetooth and USB device as well as your optional satellite navigation and Peugeot app which you can download and that encompasses a number of options from finding your local petrol station to a michelin-starred restaurant taller passengers may find rear headroom to be a little bit pinched

but it’s acceptable for shorter journeys the boot is also a decent size offering more space than a Volkswagen Polo however unlike the Polo the seats don’t fold completely flat so it isn’t as practical looking larger items having quick super light steering is great for low speed maneuvers in town and the tour wait has just that visibility is also really good especially

when you spec this optional panoramic glass roof that has a nice premium touch on HDI diesel versions now emit less than 100 g/km of co2 meaning they are super cheap to tax though the HDI versions also come

with one of the quickest reacting engine stop start systems we’ve tested I said there is the best-selling 1.2 liter 3-cylinder petrol engine that’s also really excellent for fuel economy so the north of 60 to town but 14 seconds isn’t exactly what you’d call competitive nor to is the ride quality which just seems to be a little bit patchy on the poorer road surfaces

but it’s never unbearable and it seems to sort itself out at higher speeds the 208 is a stylish effort from Peugeot existing customers will be massively impressed both by the step-up in perceived quality of the interior and the attention to detail while new customers will really like just how low those running costs can get it may not drive or rise quite as well as some of the other benchmarks in this category but something tells us that isn’t going to matter one bit

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