Peugeot 3008 Hybrid review 2020

Now it’s called it’s been around for a while with different versions but now there is a hybrid available in fact a plug-in hybrid so now it gets a battery and it can even travel on pure electric power alone for some amount of time and as of April.

This year in the UK it can be a pretty tempting company called choice if you want to get a great deal right now on a 3002 start with I’m going to tell you the important numbers Behind The Purge a 3800 13.2 kilowatt-hours is the size of the battery the Disco cats but it also has a 1.6 liter petrol engine now officially it will travel up to 40 miles on pure electric power line but then when the battery runs out a special engine to electric motors one on the front axle brake horsepower it’s also 4-wheel drive you can still get a two-wheel drive 3929 grounds Park and then it would be a very tempting company called.

Choice against ternative fully petrol or diesel Royals it weighs about three hundred and forty kilograms more than a non hybrid 3000 about 5 News 7 hours is how long it will take to charge the 3008 from empty to food from a three-pin plug but if you go 7km charger and plug it in there

It’ll take four hours to do the same charge you can increase the charging speed for getting a different onboard charger and then it will take 2 hours from your home charger but it’s a shame you go to pay extra rapid charger, how much the Harvard 3000i train stops from butt to get the best deal go to walk or talk on this one which is a lot there’s no real difference is to point out between the hybrid on the non hybrid 3 times a night this report before you get a couple of Hollywood Badges and there is an extra flap at the back of the car for the charging port for the parking lot, tell the difference inside.

 The Hobbit 3 times a night just like the outside of country really tell the difference between this and a non-hybrid 3000 night apart from an extra button down here so among the shortcut keys you got this lightning bolts which if you press brings you to a new hybrid specific page the entertainment system.

Where you can see some information you can also adjust when you want to charge the battery if you plugged it in to charge straight away I also has a function called Isa if which essentially forces the battery to reserve a certain amount of charge so that if later on in your journey you want to use electric power you can make sure you don’t run out before then a picture and you can see on the drive as far as well you’ve got some battery fits what you don’t get on the known Harbor 3000 but not just the same as the standard interior of which 

We are very very impressed with a good range materials are still very nice really well put together very nicely designed small steering wheel which you might not know if you wondering if there’s any practical instead of the boot is the same size old are you now count have a spare wheel instead underboob floor you have been helpful storage compartments 

Where you can put the charging cable start the 3000 plug-in hybrid it will begin in electric mode if it’s not charging the battery and then expect things are very smooth quiet relaxing decent celebration of Thor’s Well with plug-in hybrids yes it’s important weather like in full electric mood but it’s also important to know how good the transition is between the electric power to petrol Powell the 3008 hybrid doesn’t do it to take any smoothly but the bigger annoying frustratingly slow at least when it does this all the patient is very impressive note to 62 miles per hour is down in just for 5.9 seconds but this is no Sports SUV so because it has rall the steering and doesn’t feel agile you won’t want to drive.

It that hard you will see a few different Drive modes you can put the car in so you’ve got electric and hybrid Sport and four-wheel drive and go to in that will dictate how the battery and how the engine interact with one another and Paola call displaying the all wheel drive version of the hybrid stick and all wheel drive and it will be all wheel drive but you can also get hard version 2 3 just front wheel drive sedan cheaper so could be a better choice for some people it’s not as quick but if you don’t necessarily need the oil drug could be well considering now that I did wait hasn’t had a ruinous impact on the ride standard 3009 is a pretty good running car on a hybrid you have to get more sophisticated rear suspension setup on adaptive suspension and the effect is. It’s pretty comfortable around town it doesn’t really crash over stuff that you might think it could.

Do with the extra weight still goes over speed bumps and potholes without being ridiculously firm uncomfortable and then when you’re on the lights way it’s pretty smooth nice and flat so it’s comfortable as well and then thinking about the Royals at this call is up against its got calls about the brand landex this go a plug-in hybrid version which actually we use the same gear the Disco does La causa ds7 crossback eat ants will be pretty much a carbon copy of what you got in the tub by 3000 a night but the 3008 is a much better call them both of those other cause so they might share the same pot but overall SUV packages the 3,000 light is by far the better car that is pretty similar to those calls as well if you’re looking at more expensive plug-in hybrid SUVs light BMW X5 and Osceola County 48 but there’s no getting away from the fact.

This is an expensive car just like the two wheel drive version is cheaper but it’s still on the pricey side that’s why it can only really make sense if you’re going to run one as a company car because compared to a normal petrol diesel SUV much cheaper to run as a private cash by it’s too expensive to recommend but generally when you driving normally it’s pretty relaxing fairly impressive and it’s only really is a say

When you do something you want to floor it when you get that ready bhoomi engine note through the cabin that just makes things even though the pace is a shed on offer is really really seriously impressive even more information on it that you can see everything you call when you can say any questions about the car with your opinions as well and make sure you subscribe to our Channel because we got loads of new video reviews

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