Peugeot RCZ review 2014

now the car fans Peugeot has a lot of pedigree trouble is over the past ten years the company’s experienced a serious lack of potency having a few isolated hints of recovery the 3008 MPV for example it’s good so too is the five thousand eight people carrier

but you couldn’t exactly call either of those memorable this car the Aussies are Kupe this car is special the Peugeot RCZ is single-handedly marking out the French firm as being bold enough to go beyond producing mass market euro boxes and enter a coupe a sector with more Verve more curved and more visual punch than anything else on offer

I love this stepped window line and how these chromed flying buttresses appear to sort of hang the front and the rear of the car together then there’s also some expensive details going on this car too like this double bubble rear screen it’s actually incredibly expensive to manufacture which probably explains

why you only see it reserved for super cars like the Aston Martin v12 Zagato so if you buy one of these you’re going to be joining a very elite club for the fraction of the price unfortunately inside doesn’t possess the same visual drama and the key fob does feel a bit naff for this price point however the architecture is very clean the driver sits nice and low and there are a few quality details like these brushed aluminium door grabs this stitched dashboard and even the analogue clock

which looks a lot like one of those oversized Ballon Ross watches like the Audi TT the RC set has also been designed as a 2+2 providing the plus 2 in that scenario or either children or then skimping on heads and legs but fold your rear seats flat and treat it as a strict two-seater and that boot space will easily accommodate luggage for a fortnight’s holiday one of those core strengths is diesel engine so inevitably as an Auburn on offer here it’s a 2-liter unit that developed 160 horsepower

but more importantly 250 pounds of torque that makes your ring gear acceleration pretty fierce it’s smooth the fine it’s going to deliver over 50 mpg but radically for a Peugeot it isn’t the engine that we’ve recommend there are two more engines both offering different power outputs from the same 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine

there’s been co-developed with many it’s the same engine that beaches in the Mini Cooper S and characteristically you have a very short and notching 6v gearbox we’ve got a very ready engine and sounds really infected even though all our Seng deads asked top

wheel drive the range-topping 250 HP petrol certainly the most entertaining compared to the diesel the turning just feels quicker the car feels lighter on its feet until dark here and all together it just feels like a more fluid car to drive down a road this is the car that’s giving peugeot its mojo back the Peugeot RCZ is a genuine standout coupe a that’s fun yet forgiving to drive and surprisingly easy to live with no doubt that badge will make it an alternative choice compared to the well-established Aldi TT but if you fancy something a little less ubiquitous this could be it

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