Porsche 911 2018 review

the Porsche 911 is for many the ultimate sports car it’s been around for over half a century and there are more than 20 versions to choose from true. looks haven’t changed much over the decades but recently Porsche has opted. for some revolution under the skin don’t worry it is still rear-engined.

But the latest versions of the Carrera and Carrera S have been fitted with a turbocharger let’s see if that affectsthe 911 character.

You don’t have to spend long in the revised 911 to realize it’s more urgent at low revs compared. with the outgoing model fitted with the naturally aspirated engine it’s also faster the entry-level Carrera it gets from nought to 62 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds there are more hardcore versions of the 911 but you’d really have to take. them

to a race circuit to get anywhere neartheir full potential whichever 911 you choose you get a

staggering amount of grip in the corners and steering.

Which is precise and quick

to respond and yet the 911 also has a remarkably comfortable ride making it a

great choice for covering long distances only the road noise that it’s big tires

generate less the side down specify. the sport switchable exhaust and the 911

engine makes a thrilling noise when you want it to and is quiet the rest of the time

even though you sit low down in the 911 the seats are well padded and offer

plenty of support and there’s enough adjustment for people of all shapes and

sizes to find a comfortable driving position part of the experience is how

special the interior is the leather is all high-quality and the switch gears

feel reassuringly solid something. that rivals such as the Jaguar f-type

struggle to compete with visibility is also excellent for a sports car thanks

to these slim pillars even out the back the deep rear screen makes parking

fairly easy the standard infotainment. system has simple menus navigated via

this touchscreen it’s a shame though that some of the icons are small and

therefore it’s quite fiddly to use on the move. what you can do though when

you’ve parked up is connect your iPhone if you have one so apple carplay

simply by connecting a lead underneath. there pop that in and on the screen

connect via apple carplay just like that although there’s good space for two

adults upfront storage spaces are at a premium. I mean I like this but it’s

quite small and there isn’t room to fit a bottle in the door bin however there

are two cupholders here and somewhere to store your mobile phone but that’s about

it because again it is quite small unlike its rivals the Jaguar f-type an

Audi r8 the 911. does have rear seats although they really are only designed

for children on a plus point they have isofix which means you can take the family with you when you go for a drive

and when you don’t have the kids with you you can fold the seat backs down to

provide a flat luggage platform and there’s plenty of space under. the bonnet

we think the cheapest carrera model is

all you need. because it’s properly quick comes as leather seats dual zone climate

control and bi-xenon headlights you do have to pay extra though for heated seats cruise control and parking sensors

what you can’t specify is some of the latest safety aids such as blind spot

monitoring and Lane Keeping Assist but you can have a system that will automatically apply the brakes if an incident is imminent.


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