Porsche 911 coupe expert car review

the Porsche 911 is an automotive icon it has remained in continuous production since 1963 and has consistently been the sports car then everybody else wants to beat now onto the sixth generation 911 known internally is the 991 and it’s the first all-new model since 2004 it may look like a subtle evolution of every other 911s come before but if you look a bit closer this could be the brand new benchmark just might being physically quite a bit bigger than the previous generation 911 the 997 a 50 millimeter wider front track for example as well as being 56 millimeters longer overall the new car also manages to be more than 40 kilograms lighter thanks to its all aluminium construction the time-tested silhouette remains but

I think that additional length has made the arc of the roof and the flow into the rear deck a lot more elegant then when you get closer you can really appreciate the details so these oval headlamps now sit above a more angular set of daytime running LED units the wing mirrors have been moved into the door panels and 20 inch alloys now some are standard on the Carrera S and they don’t even look big then when you come around the back you’ve got a much larger active spoiler significantly slimmer wider taillights and the world’s smallest engine cover but the Porsche mechanics are going to love that the 911s cabin is a lesson in luxury and understatement the Rev gage still takes center stage but

I love how the steering wheel is just void of any clutter that distracts you from the simple pleasure and driving the finish and the quality of materials is top rate these aluminium Phillips that sit in the door cards for example are real replacing those cheap plastic efforts from before and then there’s loads of design flourishes in here from the key to the way these cup holders and fill and even its really nice section of lower door architecture the wheelbase of the 911 is also increased to move it more into the GT market not only does that improve the high speed stability it also gives you a bit more interior space rear legroom for adults is still non-existent but for all those parents desperate to justify

this purchase fit in a child car seat in the back of a 911 we’ve never been easier as the boot space you still might not be able to carry a set of golf clubs but you’ve got more than enough space for a weekend away you it’s only on the track that can genuinely find out just how good

this new Porsche 911 is and the Carrera S is fast this placement stays the same at 3.8 liters but power is up to the direct injection plastic now turns out 394 brake horsepower in 7400 rpm I took 14 bhp and it delivers 440 Newton meters at all in terms of transmission you’ve got a choice of either the world’s first 7-speed manual or this PDK double-clutch gearbox now go be honest and say Porsche has got this one right we used to have a bit of problem

with the PDK and the way the shifters worked at this push-pull system we can now spec paddles it just feels a lot more intuitive both of the transmissions of engine stop start is standard so that comes in when you decide traffic lights just the same emissions and the PDK gearbox also has a function called coasting but if you come up with bottles it will disengage both the clutches and drop the engine revs to idling so again that just save some fuel another really interesting thing that the steering that moves from the hydraulic systems it’s an electromechanical system

that’s called the bit of an uproar with Porsche in – yes but for the everyday driver the turning still feels incredible particularly thanks to that wider track the communication

with the road handling dial back a little bit but that’s probably to appeal to those new GT pretensions it’s also got an impressive amount of the refinement it’s hardly any wind tire or road noise translating through here this car is quite simply brilliant the 991 series Porsche 911 is the most complete version yet importantly it still feels like a 911 in every sense though it’s more comfortable and capable than ever if there’s a better all-rounder on sale in this sector today we haven’t driven it

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