Porsche Boxster S convertible Review

the word bargain isn’t one you usually associate with a Porsche but traditionally that’s exactly what the Boxster now in its third generation has been seen as yes

the car is a wee bit more expensive than similarly sized to see convertibles but the driving experience in delivers is much more like that you’d get from an exotic sports car look at it in those terms and the Boxster is an absolute steal for us the box that has the glamour of more exotic machinery as well the lines at the front are crisp rather than aggressive and behind the headlights the wings sit higher than the bonnet to create these cool curvy bulges at the side things get even more aggressive

when you look further back as well the curvature of the door helps channel air into these side intakes and then behind these beautifully bulbous rear haunches you’ll find that the reversing lights cut across the rest of the rear light cluster which effectively extends the line of the rear spoiler now that is a nice touch there’s a fair amount of glamour when you climb inside the Boxster as well you get leather on your seats are standard and the rest of the materials are really plush in the way they look and feel these metallic trim inserts help add a dash of contrast to the color scheme and every panel and every switch has a really solid feel okay so it’s not perfect this center console

has way too many buttons so it can be tricky to find the one you want and standard kit is pretty stingy as well you don’t even get a Bluetooth phone connection all parking sensors included in the price however this low-slung driving position is absolutely spot-on and unlike many sports cars you even get a decent view out of the back and while a car like this is never going to be the last word in practicality there’s plenty of space for adults in here and with luggage compartments front and rear there’s more space for bags than in many rivals of course the best thing

about the Boxster is the way it drives which is just sensational you’ve got the choice of two six-cylinder engines and even the weaker one which is a 2.7 with 261 brake horsepower is blisteringly quick the car we’ve got here though has the 311 brake horsepower 3.4 and it really makes me it pulls really strongly from low reps and that helps keep life easy and town speeds but once you get the revs upwards of about 2,000 rpm it turns into an absence just listening to that voice

this car also has Porsches 7-speed twin clutch gearbox rather than the 6-speed manual you get a standard you can leave it in full auto mode or you can change gears itself using these paddles however you do it the changes are really smooth and really fast but for us the manual gearbox just suits the character of a car that little bit better however impressed you are by the box displace you’ll be blown away by its handling it’s not just the fact that you’ve got massive grip at all four corners of the car or that the body stays pretty much dead flat

when you fling it round event it’s also that the cause mid-engine rear drive layout gives it amazing balance and the fast predictable responses of the throttle steering and the brakes means it responds instantly to every command you put in it’s precise it’s engaging and on a country road like this it’s going to leave pretty much any of it right

it will probably be more comfortable to live with the most of them as well because despite the box there’s or inspiring agility the ride is incredibly smooth in fact that’s probably what’s most amazing about this car it’s absolutely electrifying when you’re in the mood to play but it’s civilized and it’s quiet when you’re not the Boxster has always been a sensational bit of kit but this latest one is by far and away the best yet it’s more thrilling to drive than ever more comfortable than ever and it has easily enough quality and prestige to justify the price for the money it’s absolutely peerless

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