Porsche Cayenne review 2015

porsche may be best known for building amazing sports cars.

but in the UK it actually sells more of its KN SUV than it does the iconic 911 since its original launch in 2002 it has been redefining the category benchmark for dynamics plenty of SUVs may lay claim to being both premium and sporty but the Cayenne is a genuine driver’s car.

Porsche Cayenne review

the Cayenne has never been what you call a pretty car but it is athletic and now more aligned to the rest of the Porsche model range then.

it has ever been these front headlamps are sleek an almost horizontal in profile and the daytime running LED lights tucked into the upper corners of these gaping air dams.

are quite reminiscent of the Porsche 911 around the back there’s a large roof spoiler and a quartet of integrated tailpipes to.

leave you in no doubt that this is one sports orientated 4×4 metallic paint is optional but all versions receive at least 18-inch alloy wheels as standard but if you like the sound of the supercar threatening Turbo S version.

porsche cayenne review 2015 business

buyer or just liked the look of these lime-green brake calipers then you’ll be even more of a fanthen.

you’ll be treated to 21 inch alloy wheels complete with wheel arch extensions and if you’re a company car.

When I tell you that this a hybrid badged version emits just 79 g/km of co2 for some very tempting benefit and kind figures inside the KN feels like a genuine sports car.

With a superb driving position wraparound cockpit and a steering wheel borrowed from Porsches hyper car.

The nine one eight spider grunted it may not feel as majestic to sit in as a Range Rover and this sea of buttons festooned in the center console may initially be a bit overwhelming.

but there are plenty of organic curves in high quality leathers married to these really nice bits of aluminium.

detailing for a very classy finish satellite navigation is optional but all cars receive climate control cruise control and automatic tailgate and much-needed parking sensors as standard.Porsche Cayenne review.

there are a few more buttons on this a hybrid version two key ones being epower which allows the car to run an electric mode only for up to 22 miles sport.

which combines both the v6 petrol and electric power trains for maximum effect and each charge wear surplus energy.

is actually harvested to re feed the battery pack the rear bench can tilt and seats to adults comfortably but you’re only going to fit a small child in this middle chair because the transmission tunnel is pretty high there are a few further downsides

you can’t spec aford tier of seating the rear visibility is pretty bad.

because of these quite big chunky blind spots because the body line is so high actually makes parking the KN trickier than it needs to be but.

I said the boot is large and has a flat loading lip plus most versions come.

with a spare wheel with the exception of the e hybrid which instead houses a 10.8 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack for better weight distribution.

the KN is the most entertaining big SUV to drive and that is by some distance true a Range Rover Sport will offer a more costing ride and is better off-road but on road.

when you’ve got the damper set to comfort the 8-speed automatic gearbox working seamlessly

the way this car grips and steers and changes direction and brakes and resist roll is just in another league honestly I’ve driven sports cars that don’t feel as precise as this thing and we’re talking about a car that weighs in excess of two tons all versions Porsche Cayenne review

have the ability to astound albeit in completely different ways the top-spec Turbo S is a total numbers fest the e hybrid successfully integrates a parallel hybrid

system into a performance SUV though bear in mind that

the extra weight does door responses somewhat it numbs the ride quality and ultimately dilutes a little bit of that port magic so the biggest surprise for us is the diesel.

S Hybrid that uses a 4.2 litre twin-turbocharged v8 that develops 380 brake horsepower and emits 209 g/km of co2 now on paper the e hybrid Porsche Cayenne review.

has the diesel licked but in the real world the diesel is better to drive it’s faster and it’s cheaper to run if you want one of the fastest best handling.

SUVs around and the Porsche Cayenne should be right at the top of your shopping list it may not be the cheapest almost practical 4×4 around but it’s definitely one of the very best you Porsche Cayenne review.

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