Porsche Cayman GTS review

naysayers love to dismiss the caiman as a porch for people who can’t afford a 911 but any sports car buyer who thinks like that is really missing out the fact is that the Porsche Cayman is one of the most enjoyable small sports cars at any price and the fact it’s affordable to buy is nothing more than a bonus importantly Porsche Cayman GTS

the Cayman looks every bit as exotic as a sports car should at the front end most of the drama comes from these curvaceous bulbous wings that sit higher than the bonnet and these three massive air intakes there’s another big old scoop down each side of the car for some extra visual muscle and of course the defining feature of any coupe a slinky low slung roofline at the back

you’ll find wings that are just as curvy as those at the front plus be centrally mounted twin exhausts our favorite bit though is this clever little touch in the rear light clusters where the indicators are built into this little raised Ridge you might also have noticed this cars smoke light finishes and darkened splitters and these are features unique to the range-topping Cayman GTS we’ve got here but fear not because lower-end Caymans still look fantastic without them the caiman looks just as good on the inside as well the plushness of the materials gives the feeling of quality and sophistication

that you expect from a Porsche and every control that you twist push or pull works with a really nice damped action granted finding the control you want isn’t all that easy because this cluttered center console has far too many buttons however this touchscreen system works pretty well the driving position is spot-on and unlike most sports cars you can actually see out the back of the kingdom Porsche Cayman GTS

the other thing that the Cayman has over most of its sports car rivals believe it or not is practicality you get one space for luggage under the bonnet and another at the back behind the engine and together they provide a total of 425 litres of space and that’s more than you get in the boot of a Ford Focus like every Porsche of course the Cayman is all about the driving experience and in any given situation in any environment

this thing is simply dazzling a lot of that is due to the mid-engined rear drive layout that gives the car such immense balance but it’s also contributed to in no small part by strong grip and sharp responses from the steering control and the brakes what’s more the suspension is a work of art it keeps the body dead flat under hard cornering but it also keeps

things impressively comfortable over the bumps and this being the range-topping GTS it gets Porsches adaptive suspension as standard and is optional on the other versions you toggle through driving modes using these two switches down here and the suspension either firms up or softens off accordingly and take it from us it really works the GTS also has an upgraded version of the Cayman S is 3.4 liter 6 cylinder petrol engine

which gives you 335 brake horsepower that makes it the fastest came and going with a naught to 60 2 type of a shade under five seconds and it feels absolutely mr. ring and it doesn’t sound off bad either agreeing as the GTS is though we’d still point you towards one of the more humble versions of the Cayman they’re very nearly as fast you’ll have just as much fun but you’ll pay a lot less to buy them the Cayman is by no means a cheap car and the shortage of standard equipment means you’ll have to spend a good bit more on options but considering the sheer amount of dynamic talent you get for your money it’s still exceptionally good value throw in the exotic looks gorgeous interior impressive practicality and reasonable running costs and it’s the best car of its type

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