Porsche Macan Review 2020

Time is a pint-sized surprise it’s actually Porsches best selling car boiler alert it’s not a car but this SUV is filled with quality and performance you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone else except with its $75,000 as tested price it comes.

With some cool and quirky stuff you might want to know before buying if you plan to use your phone as a mic on.

 Chances are pretty good you are you need to know that there are only USB C outlets in there so there are two in the center storage console and then there are two in the rear console for Backseat passengers most iPhones still don’t use the USB C so you have to have an adapter or converter to do so I learned the hard way.

When I left my house with the 7% battery life got in the car nowhere to charge my phone so I had to go and buy a little cigarette lighter with a USB charge it up and I honestly haven’t felt that helpless since the early 2000s.

When I was driving a box Caprice with a Kyocera phone and a broken cigarette lighter than my solution got me juice but I still couldn’t plug into the data ports and that’s honestly okay because the 2019 and 2020 makan.

With its new touchscreen and media system has Wireless Apple carplay so I was how to stream apple carplay even though I didn’t have a corded connection to the car I just got juice from the DC charger Wireless carplay still has limited availability industry why they’re only a few automakers doing again so it’s great because all you have to do is jump in and it automatically starts carplay and you know it works really well however unlike a Lexus or BMW that has Wireless carplay and a widescreen you can’t view full screen carplay which is unfortunate because I unlimited use for the widgets in modules.

That Porsche puts Elsewhere on the screen I really just wanted carplay to take up the entire screen this is a gorgeous steering wheel very Porsche like sitting behind the wheel buy it new and you’ll likely get the full demo and be shown.

Where this is and how to use it if I wouldn’t use then you might be surprised by an unexpected feature when you hit the button and heated steering wheel pops up on the gauges another somewhat hidden feature is the brake hold function now this is going to hold the brake in traffic to East driver fatigue of holding the brake.

While you’re stopped in drive and most cars there’s a button that activates the feature and then slowing to a stop turns it on on the Macon you press hard enough until the features activated you may not naturally press that hard brake pedal when you’re stopped in traffic to activate.

This feature we never know that you have this very traffic friendly feature the on the steering wheel mounted modeselektor the perfect spot for this mode dial on the center button has a sport response function.

When it quit for the sport Chrono package now this get you the fancy but otherwise pretty much useless lap timer and clock but you hit this button for 20 seconds you get height and transmission and engine calibration like the most aggressive I really wanted to treat the button like in overbooster nitrous button hitting it and pushing back in my seat but it really just makes the transmission downshift and engine respond quicker and that’s cool though.

Because then you don’t have to be in the aggressive Sport Plus mode all the time and that mowed the transmission aggressively hold onto a deer like 2nd gear engine racing at 5000 RPM while just driving through your neighborhood is a lovely driving car very enjoyable but at $75,000 and doesn’t have everything you’d expect at this price that even though the fancy.

 Kia shaped like a car you still have to put it in the dashboard and turn to start there’s no start button there’s no proximity keyless entry at this price to unlock the doors you have to actually hit a button on the key.

That is very prettiest or maybe I’ve been spoiled by $23,000 Toyota Corollas that have this feature but if you want it in the mechanism $800 option what does car did have that $75,000 was the optional $2,700 adaptive air-suspension it’s been sweet ride height based on driving modes and its base ride height is a little over half an inch lower.

Than the fixed height sport suspension got a cool cargo load mode were from the back you can hit a button in the rear end squats to make easier now to suspension that balance is ride Comfort Inn handling Prowlers very well it doesn’t beat you up in the Sport Plus mode but it’s still engaging to drive in Comfort setting of The Three available suspensions on the mcconn this is the most performance-oriented one speed round the new engine.

Has a single turbo charger mounted between the V of the engine versus 2 on the outside and it makes a few more ponies and Torx than the last one but it’s largely the same Driving Experience as before launch control Now launch control in a dual-clutch transmission car with all-wheel drive is something to experience in this car it revs up past 5000 RPM dump the clutch blast 60 miles an hour in 4.9 seconds all right it has a real gear selector instead of a goofy push button dial or Flappy thing great traditional very easy to use one thing.

I think the Macon needs is more exhaust volume it sounds good in the BMW X3 or X4 m40i optional Sports exhaust but it’s $3,000 and pretty much everything is expensive but if you don’t need the space of a larger SUV than the S oddly seems worth it 

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