Range Rover Sport review 2015

Range Rover Sport review 2015 the Range Rover Sport has always been a smash hit with buyers because it delivers all the traditional

Range Rovers ruggedness with a slightly sleeker sporty-er edge it competes with very strong contenders like the Porsche Cayenne and the BMW x6 so this latest version really needs to be better than ever it’s fair to say that the Range Rover Sport certainly isn’t short a visual impact it has the same sort of face as the normal range II with bold aggressive chunky details and lashings of LED lighting but with the sport all the lines are pushed back a bit to create a raciest silhouette you’ll notice that the windscreen is more steeply rate and that the roofline dips away towards the back end of the car it’s all very snarly and aggressive looking but at the same time

it’s a really handsome car granted the one we’ve got here is a pretty pimped up version not only is it the high end autobiography dynamic trim which comes with these enormous 21 inch alloy wheels as standard but it’s also fitted with the intriguingly named stealth pack but rather than making the car invisible it makes it stand out even more with all sorts of extra styling components however

if you’re worried that your Range Rover Sport won’t stand out enough without the pack then don’t be even in entry-level HSE trip this car is no Wallflower there’s a fair amount of bling on show inside the Range Rover Sport as well everywhere you look there’s stitch leather metallic chromium Lee textured surfaces so there’s plenty for your eyes and your fingertips to feast on it looks really stylish

Range Rover Sport review 2015

it feels effortlessly posh and with this standard touch screen system to handle all your functions from your sat-nav to your phone calls to watching TV even it feels really high-tech as well that said the menus could be a bit more logical and the whole system is a little bit slow to react sure the sport isn’t as roomy as the regular Range Rover due to its linckia shape

but there’s still enough space in the back for three adults to sit in comfort there’s also a massive boot that will handle anything a family can throw at it including a couple more passengers now that’s not as dodge as it sounds

if you spend a little bit more you can specify another two seats that fold up electrically from the boot floor obviously this makes your cargo space much smaller and the rear most seats are tricky to get in and out of and only have enough space for youngins but it’s nice to have the option if you only need seven seats occasionally does the range eSport live up to the second bit of its name well in terms of performance certainly

there’s a range of petrol and diesel options available and the hybrid as well and the one we’ve got here is one of the more powerful engines on offer it’s a four point four liter v8 diesel with 335 brake horsepower and it is an absolute monster it simply pulls out of its boots from anywhere on the rev range even at the top and that is really rare for a diesel put your foot down and

Range Rover Sport review 2015 Models

this car is seriously fast and for a diesel it even sounds pretty good but it’s the handling a sporty well kinda this is a very rewarding car to drive with huge grip impressive body control and sharp responsive steering but while it changes direction incredibly well for such an enormous car it’s still not quite as precise or as agile as a Porsche Cayenne where it’s got the Porsche licked though is on ride comfort

it simply glides and wafts over all sorts of bumps are all sorts of speeds and that means it is brilliant at playing the luxury barge role nowhere is this more evident than on the motorway it feels wonderfully smooth and stable and refinement is top draw this is a very pleasant way to slush away the miles and being a Range Rover

it’ll slush through the slushy stuff as well thanks to the four-wheel drive and the ingenious terrain response off-roading system this thing will take rocks sand mud snow all in its stride obviously this is not a cheap car either to buy or to run for instance this engine has an official fuel economy of 32 point 5 miles per gallon and you’ll do very well to get anywhere near that in the real world however

if you go for the more humble diesel engine a three liter v6 with a mere 302 brake horsepower you’ll get upwards of 40 mpg and it’s still plenty fast enough the Range Rover Sport blends all the abilities you could want in a sporty 4×4 it’s fantastic fun to drive it’s comfortable and refined it’s gorgeous inside and it’s practical enough for most families and unlike many rivals you’ll actually be able to drive it offroad as well if you’re after a premium SUV this should be very near the top of your shortlist you

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