Renault Captur SUV Review 2013

lots of people like to stand out from the crowd and that’s one of the main reasons cars are the Nissan Juke it becomes so popular they offer something a little more distinctive than your run-of-the-mill super mini but without costing much more to buy or run the Renault Captur is aimed squarely at this rapidly expanding area of the market it’s based on the Clio and described as a compact crossover which means it’s a sort of high-rise hatchback that also has bits of an SUV and MPV inside that all sounds very well and good

but the big question is can they catch do everything it claims or is it just a jack-of-all-trades the capture maybe based on the Clio but visually at least all the two cars have in common is this silver badge on the nose one thing you can say about the capture is it’s a really striking looking vehicle successfully blending bits of SUV MPV and regular hatchback in its design thanks to the extra ground clearance this is actually a fair bit taller than a Clio but rhinos done is best to hide

the extra height by using clever tricks such as the deep painted door sills and the two-tone paint jobs to make the car appear sporty-er and lower the beauty is our capture is it’s just a blank canvas on which to paint your personality you start off by choosing one of the three colour collections and then by picking from the umpteen combinations of wheel colour and paint jobs and then adding graphics for the bonnet the roof and the tailgate you can truly personalize

your car there’s one word to sum up the interior is playful you get colored trim around the center console and the loudspeakers and there are many ways to personalize the interior as there are the exterior there’s not a case of style over substance there are plenty of clever little features from dynamic trim upwards for instance these seat covers are removable and machine washable that’s really handy if you’ve got mucky kids like the Clio the capture has a nice uncluttered dashboard

with a neat touch screen that controls most of the functions go for this media nav package you effectively have the tablet computer apps and all integrated into the car although you sit quite high up and quite upright there’s enough adjustment in the wheel and in the seat for almost anyone to get comfortable behind the wheel a couple of adults will fit in the rear too and the bench slides

backwards and forwards so you can maximize either passenger space or boot space there’s another neat touch to the boot has a reversible floor with plastic on one side and carpet on the other if you’re going to build a compact crossover and the Clio is a really good place to start and although the capture sits a little higher off the ground

it strikes is similarly good balance between a comfortable ride and enjoyable drive with very little body grow the extra height gives you a really good view forwards the light steering makes it really easy to maneuver in town and there’s always the added reassurance of a maximum five star euro and crash test score if you do most of your motoring in town then the 1.2 petrol engine will be perfectly good enough but if you regularly head further afield that it’s worth spending the extra on the 1.5 diesel it’s much stronger at low revs and it also doesn’t

come with the automatic gearbox that standard with a petrol engine and can be very slow to react and on top of that although the petrol engines average more than 50 miles to the gallon the diesel engine averages more than 75 miles a gallon and has co2 emissions of less than 100 grams per kilometer the capture is a striking piece of design that you can genuinely personalize but it’s much more than just a pretty face not only do it’s spacious cabin and big boot mean it’s ideally suited to family life it’s also good to drive and thanks to its fuel economy really cheap to run we have no doubt that this is one of the very best urban crossovers

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