Renault Clio hatchback review 2013

people are making very big demands as small cars like the Renault clear these days more and more buyers are downsizing from bigger cars and effort to save money but they’re not prepared to sacrifice equipment the comfort and the refinement they’ve become used to so it is the today’s Clio has a decidedly big car feel to it

with luxurious features like climate control and sat-nav on the options list that’s all very well but as the Clio is grown-up as it lost some of its ba-ba-boom on any suburban street or driveway the Clio looks far more distinctive than mainstream rivals

like the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo perhaps the most distinctive feature is this nose with a pronounced Renault badge set on a gloss black background contrasting perfectly with the chrome details in the headlights and the daytime running lights what also sets the clear apart from its rivals is the fact that it’s available only as a five-door hatchback mine G Wren has done his best to hide that given the car as sporty almost coupe a low profile and hiding the rear door handles away in the window frame as if that wasn’t enough buyers can make their cars down at even more by personalizing

it with a choice of roof decals as well as different clouds of alloy wheel and exterior trim no to Cleo’s need ever look alike the interior is best summed up in one word bold and you can make it bolder still thanks des at having even more personalization options than the exterior most models come with this 7-inch touchscreen which controls the infotainment system and leaves a relatively uncluttered dashboard from dynamic trim upwards

you can also choose the r-link system this effectively integrated tablet computer into the car and gives you access to all sorts of functions and apps our only reservations are that some of the switch gear is poorly placed and some of the materials could be of a higher quality in terms of practicality though the Clio is impressive there’s plenty of adjustment on the steering wheel and the driver’s seat so it’s easy to get comfortable and although rear legroom is only adequate there’s plenty of head room in here for adults to cap it all the boot will take 300 litres

that’s more than you’ll get in a fiesta or a polo the Clio’s lightweight and sharp steering make it very responsive and good fun to drive but it’s composed too you don’t have to make any sacrifice in ride comfort or refinement more than anything that breathitt abilities is the Clio’s real selling point you can buy a super me that has sharper handling or a smoother ride but very few other super minis provides such an effective balance between the two at the top of the range the Renault Sport version is genuinely quick although

it’s more of a mini GT than an out-and-out hot hatch but even the more mainstream engines give perfectly acceptable performance the 0.9 liter petrol is smooth for a three cylinder engine and surprisingly punchy around town or the extra torque for the 1.5 litre diesel really suits the car’s character a bar from the Renault Sport model every Clio average is more than 50 miles to the gallon and the best returns almost 90 on top of its low co2 emissions and low Insurance Group ratings

that all adds up to very affordable running costs comfortable cheap to run and good to drive the Clio is a fine car even if you’re coming into it from something larger and more expensive it won’t leave you feeling shortchanged it’s good enough to give the very best cars in its class of real run for their money so if you’re in the market for a supermini this is well worth considering

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