Renault Twingo car review

Renault is quite a history in innovation not just for creating the first-ever family MPV in the Espace but when the original Twingo was launched it became such a European sales success that it prompted other manufacturers in Ford and Volkswagen to get into what the car industry now calls the a segment this second-generation version is the first Twingo to be offered officially in right hand drive and in 2012 it’s received some substantial upgrades to become the first model in the lineup to adopt Renaud’s new styling language style is everything in this sector so although the Renault Twingo remains a tiny yet incredibly spacious package born out of this long wheelbase and short overhangs the blistered

wheel arches and these oversized details really help give it a chunky but still cutesy aesthetic especially in this Bermuda blue the most significant changes are to the face of the car or what designers refer to is the down the road graphic now they want to make their mark instantly recognizable from a distance beyond simply whacking a giant Renault badge on the bonnet though

they have managed to do that but this grille now also flows into the front headlamps to create more visual width well round the back the upright rear also has some new lights integrated into the boot lid and it looks a lot classier there’s also a whole host of new colours and customization options from roof decals to body colour door mirrors so you really can create your very own one-of-a-kind Twingo I just wish they’d given it some proper door handles because these plastic latches are a really cheap entry point inside is cleanly laid out and well screwed together

but it doesn’t really have the same sense of playful character it does do the basics well though these big windows for example really help give the illusion of space by affording loads of light into this cabin I also really like this centrally mounted pod on top of the dashboard the houses my digital speedo this Rev gage that’s fixed onto my steering hub it’s adjustable for height and not reach

but also the fact I can plug in my ipod and operate it from the cast controls as for downsides some of the plastics in here are a bit hard and brittle and that makes perceived quality patchy storage space isn’t that great either and the two cupholders shaped dents in the center console aren’t exactly that helpful as they can’t even hold a regular cup of coffee upright obviously rear space isn’t massive

but the pair of sliding chairs is quite a cool innovation push them right back and you genuinely can fit two adults back here alternatively you can push them right forward fold them and tumble them and you’ve got a really decent load space on the road the twin goes compact proportions and like steering combined

with this excellent visibility makes it very easy to thread through town so no doubt you’ll soon find yourself Ione of curbs as if they’re apexis but don’t clip any to my quality on these 15 inch alloys is actually quite firm and there’s a noticeable amount of body roll and that’s exaggerated from the fact that these chairs offer very little lateral support through the corners in terms of engines the 1.2 liter 75 is your entry into ownership but it’s starting to show its age to be honest it’s fine people around but when you try and make it work a little bit it starts to get gruff and noisy very quickly if you regularly want to take

your city car out of the city we probably recommend that you go for more refined alternatives like the Volkswagen up the stage the 1.2 TCE is a much sweeter much more versatile engine and if you’re into your hot hatches well they don’t come more agile or more entertaining than the renault sport swing go the Renault Twingo may only be the size of a shoe but it looks good it’s surprisingly spacious and if you spec the right engine it’s great fun to drive it may not have the refinement of more modern rivals but for its character and that level of customization we still reckon it should be on you shortly

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