Renault Twizy review

Renault Twizy review for a while with the Auto Electric maternally even winning European cars a year in 2012

the most people the hefty pricetag a limited battery range have been a barrier they might be a sustainable proposition but they’re just not practical

for most buyers unless you’re an eco-warrior or early adopting urbanites Brenham is banking on these tech-savvy early adopters

with a Twizy a tiny futuristic looking electric quadricycle which looks more like a gold bugging in a car it’s what an achievement electric vehicles or the market will though you have to do without property a proper passenger seat and you’ll need to leave the batteries that make it go my rare the Twizy isn’t fitted with doors as standard they’re optional extras and also notice

there’s no windows plastic detachable windows are coming but until then you’ll have to hope for uncharacteristically dry

British weather so if there are no windows how easy is it to still thankfully the steering wheel is won and truly locked without a key in the ignition there’s an electronic immobilizer or you can pay extra for an anti lift alarm

Renault Twizy review

what’s there refreshing about this car is how extraordinarily different it looks the I like front lights and exposed suspension helped define its sci-fi styling the Twizy is shorter and narrower than the smart fortwo making it a dream to park and maneuver through traffic the interior is well basic as a simple dashboard with a speedometer and battery graphic showing

how many miles are remaining the only buttons are for hazard lights and switching between drive neutral and reverse there’s also a handbrake under the steering

wheel the driver gets two seat belts to stop them falling out in case they have an option for doors there’s no boo to speak of but there’s some mesh netting and a couple of well-hidden if flimsy lockable compartments

there’s not much space for a passenger and even if you do fit one in the conversation will be limited in case the heavens open there’s a drain hole in this front seat and some more on the floor so any excess water

won’t cause your trouble as you’re tutoring along the interior plastics are especially durable for weather resistance practical

but and glamorous ronan claims our Twizy has a 62 mile range and you’ll see an increasing number of charging stations around towns and cities but for most charging at home will be the norm Twitter is a type of car that means cabbies and pedestrians strike up conversation

with your traffic light so you’ll need to be friendly to own one is room for two but you get a have to be pretty small you could get in

there easily in a service the quiet winding 17 horsepower electric engine drives smoothly and the brakes are responsive although you’ll never do faster than 50 miles per hour the whole could do

with being a bit meteor than this though the ride is incredibly firm which means that every rumble strip water grid and speed hump can be felt right up your spine

there’s also no back window or rear mirror so visibility is a bit tricky to the Twizy is a fun urban car with plenty of curb appeal

but for most people the sums just don’t add up especially when you consider you can buy a fully functioning Volkswagen up marginally more factor in the absence of windows or heating in a climate like Blighty and this car is best left in the showroom

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