Rolls-Royce Phantom saloon review 2014

rolls-royce has been making some of the world’s finest luxury cars since 1904 and the Phantom is a model that traces its lineage back to 1925 today the modern-day phantom remains about ultimate blending

the very best of old-world British craftsmanship with new world technology to maintain its alluring appeal with the very wealthiest of car clientele at this level first impressions are everything and the rolls-royce phantom offers not only a stately elegance for absolutely massive proportions the regular car is grand enough but the extended wheelbase version measures in its 6.1 meters

Rolls-Royce Phantom saloon review

but it isn’t just the size and majesty that amazes you about the phantom there’s an unrelenting attention to detail here that goes way beyond automotive that car for example takes at least two months to build the aluminium construction consists of almost 2,000 welds all done by hand which is incredibly difficult and when you run your hands over that coachwork it is so smooth you think

it’s been made from a single piece the paint too is so deep and rich almost as rich as a Rubens oil work and that’s because of the five layers of paint and lacquer that go into the construction seven layers if you spec the two-tone car all of them are individually sanded and all of that is after you’ve Spector color from 44,000 options the visual theater continues as soon as you get inside

the car thanks to these pair of rear hinged doors that can close automatically at the touch of a button very handy when the butler’s not in town plus they also house these Teflon coated umbrellas which is brilliant for our most unpredictable British weather inside you’ll discover an environment that’s befitting of a Hyde Park apartment between 15 and 18 of the finest Alpine cattle hides used to close

this cabin and just to show you how important the rear passengers are you have full access to the digital infotainment system up front the driver however has one of the best views in motoring looking over this vast bonnet that conceals a 6.75 litre v12 that hooked up to an 8-speed automatic transmission the function of which is kept to an absolute minimum

I’ve got drive neutral reverse and park that is it and there’s nothing as uncouth as a tachometer in here and rolls you call it a power reserve meter storage is good

with a decent glovebox and a couple of cupholders plus all the other controls are very elegant and discreetly hidden like these little chrome toggles for all the seat adjustments and an electric boot release that reveals a boot that has enough storage for a Louis Vuitton luggage set the phantom may look quite intimidating

but despite its bulk it’s actually quite easy to drive and drive smoothly the most astounding aspect of the car you’ll know as soon as you get in it is the way it rides it is the finest riding car I have ever driven certainly the air suspension just seems to cushion almost every road surface imaginable so you’re just gliding down the road in this constant state of calm the other aspect of that which is probably key to the same refinement is the engine not only is that v12 super smooth

it’s also super quick and the gear changes that you get from the 8-speed automatic are imperceptible that composure is great news for those customers who prefer to be driven to nowhere short of a recording booth could produce such a soft silence thanks to the level of insulation in here

I’ve even got lamb’s wool for these rear carpets the fans there may be a great place to spend time driving but back here this is a wonderful place to spend some time as an event as a statement few cars come close to the rolls-royce phantom it’s a car that in many ways has no rivals a car that should rather be considered alongside a summer apartment in Antibes or a one-off piece of boodles jewelry and if you’re the sort of person who has that kind of equity to enjoy then there really is no better way to travel

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