Royal Enfield Continental GT bike review

Royal Enfield Continental GT bike review royal enfield may have established itself as a premium Indian motorcycle

manufacturer but it is rooted in British biking history the Continental GT is a

cafe racer that was originally built in Birmingham in 1967 and this higher

capacity modern-day version aims to capture a lot of that old-school charm

the Continental GT is a pretty motorcycle that is going to guarantee

plenty of admiring glances there are loads of details to pour over including

the polished alloy cases the color matched stitching on the seat even the

classic looking fuel filler cap complete with a lock I just wish the same kind of

attention had been labeled on sourcing somewhere robust feeling switchgear as well as this lifting handle for the

center stand it is a very compactmotorcycle but when you’re on the bike

that’s sort of crouched in hunkered down rad in position that you adopt on a cafe

racer isn’t anywhere near as aggressive and that’s because the clip ons are

actually mounted above the top yoke this standard fit race cow helps keep you

Royal Enfield Continental GT bike review

nice and fixed in position that you can spec a flat seat to accommodate a

pillion as well as these alloys wing mirrors and the sports exhaust that are

fitted on our test bike power comes from royal Enfield’s much celebrated

air-cooled 500th umpah although today i gets fuel injection it gets electric

start a five-speed gearbox and it’s been bored out to 535 CC to develop a

non-intimidating 29 brake horsepower there are other modern considerations to

this twin downtube cradle frame for example has been co-developed by Harris

performance here in the UK while ufront there’s a twin piston Brembo

calipers riffing onto a floating front disc or bit with our ABS while at the

back there’s another pair of Paoli adjustable shocks

in isolation the Continental TT is lumpy and loud and a little bit crude but it

is massive fun providing you got a free boat and sweeping corners to enjoy and

there isn’t too much high-speed traffic trying to hustle you along all the time

Model Royal Enfield Continental GT bike review

I can understand our 29 brake horsepower doesn’t sound a lot in modern day term

but the bikes just so slim and light and maneuverable I haven’t really missed it

to be honest the problems come when it’s compounded with a low-speed ride that is

too firm and fidgety and high speed refinement that is non-existent you get

this thing about 4000 rpm and the vibrations through these bars is so

violent and harsh you just don’t want to be pushing it any further

that’s when the GT starts to feel a bit old-fashioned but amongst the

competition the Continental GT offers authentic 60s

style and sedate performance in a really affordable package

true the vibrations and the lack of performance may frustrate in many a

modern-day context but if you’re looking at it as a second bike or even a Sunda
afternoon plaything and this could be right up your str

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