Seat Alhambra review 2014

when you’ve got a whole bunch of people and stuff to carry about there’s no substitute of the size and that’s why the sale whole camera is one of the finest MPVs money can buy as well as providing massive space it’s also well made affordable to buy and run and surprisingly good fun to draw

when it comes to maximizing space Boxey is best and the alhambra is certainly that granted it doesn’t exactly give you flowing lines but once you see the space inside

this thing you’ll realize that it’s worth the trade and to be fair the looks aren’t as bland as all that all versions come with this chrome surround around the grill along with alloy wheels and color-coded wing mirrors and door handles go for the SE trim t

hat we’ve got here as most people will and you’ll also get chrome window surrounds dark and rear glass and these chrome roof bars overall it’s a very smart looking grown-up car and because it’s got sliding rear doors getting into the back is a piece of cake and it’s here where the alhambra really impresses

as you can see it is absolutely enormous back here and all that space along with the fact that you’ve got three individual seats across this middle row mean that three adults can sit here in absolute comfort or what’s more all three chairs can be slid and reclined individually to get to the two seats in the very back you simply

fold these outer ones out of the way and importantly the space you get to scramble through is bigger than it is in most MPVs and the same goes for the space you’ve got to sit in this is way more third row space the most MPVs give you and it’s absolutely fine for adults I mean I’m a shade over six-foot and there is more than enough room for me in here and even with all seven seats in place you still get a decent boot when you need the available space for bags rather than for buddies you simply fold all the rear seats flat into the floor to give yourself this enormous load area

you life is pretty sweet at the wheel as well you get a brilliant view out all the controls are really simple and easy to use and there’s a real feeling of solidity and substance in here most of the materials are very nice indeed and although some of the ones in the lower reaches of the cabin don’t feel quite as appealing it all looks like it is going to last a lifetime the most surprising thing about the Alhambra though is how enjoyable it is to drive

this isn’t a car that lollards clumsily around bends there’s loads of grit the steering’s nice and weighty and the body control is actually pretty good granted you never forget that this is one very big very heavy car but for something like this it’s actually really sharp but most importantly for an MPV this sharpness

doesn’t come at the expense of a subtle right whatever the state of a surface beneath you the Alhambra stays comfortable and civilized at all times and refinements pretty good as well wind and road noise are really effectively isolated and all the engines we’ve tried keep themselves to themselves the one in this car

is the one that’s most popular with buyers a two liter turbo diesel with 138 brake horsepower right enough it’s no rocket ship but importantly it has more than enough lowdown muscle to cope with the weight of a fully loaded Alhambra granted it’s not perfect the clutch pedal has a really abrupt action and the brakes are just a wee bit grabby and that can make driving the car smoothly a little bit tricky especially

when you’re crawling along in traffic most MPV drivers want practicality above all else and on that score the Alhambra is pretty much untouchable that’s because it delivers huge space versatile seating and a robust cabin it delivers plenty more besides as well being comfortable yet enjoyable to drive and affordable to buy and run if you’re looking for a big MPV this thing should definitely be on your shopping list you

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