Seat Ibiza 2017 review

Official launch of this car is still a few weeks away but we’ve managed to talk

straight into giving a super early access along with only a handful of

other journalists in the world as always you can read our more detailed 16-point

review comprehensive video review for you later in the year when we properly tested the

new Ibiza back in the UK but we’d most impressive thing about the new amenities

and what bigger it feels on the road than it actually is and I don’t mean in

terms of width or length but just how composed it is right very nice various

words on very smooth on the few bumps we have encountered it stays very composed

there’s not too much body lens the steering weights up by progressively in reshoring

not a conference in pretty 20 rounds like this another great impressive thing

about the jumper is oddly turn pretense of the pattern hmm it’s pretty much

exactly the same as it was in the outgoing on the hearing – quiet – in

smooth in comply many vibrations in the soles of your feet when you’re

accelerating for example when you need be as well I mean ok there are mor powerful engines choose from this 1.5 in the petrol more anti performance but

let’s try to think that it is absolutely fine asking the interior well it’s

certainly more interesting to look at that a scale of 5 years although you

won’t find any squidgy plastics like you would in a VW Polo rear headroom is bit tighter than in both of those rivals but there’s still a space for a couple

of six footers and the boot is ver decent by the standards of the clas both in size and shape one thing’s for sure the new IB thought will seriously worried the class leaders when it

arrives in July it might not be quite as cheap or as practical as the Skoda Fabia but it’s close enough on both fronts to compete.


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