Seat Ibiza drive review 2015

The 2015 saya beefer features new engines more customization and more technology than ever before in order to maintain its competitiveness in the supermini sector we’re in Barcelona to test this five-door Ibiza that features the all-new 1 liter Ecotec eye engine.

Now that is a turbocharged three-cylinder petrol unit that either develops 94 brake horsepower emitting 94 g/km of co2 or it can develop 108 brake horsepower and emits 102 g/km of co2 in this lowest state of tune it comes in this SE trim level which gets daytime running LED headlamps you’ve got air conditioning Bluetooth digital.

B radio Plus this test car also features the velvet color pack which includes these Clara inserts on the grill the air vents and these 16 inch design alloy wheels which is perfect if you’re an Aston Villa fan to drive into sitting the sub ether feels very much like a baby lay on.

With shed switch gear and technologies dense plastics and quite a soft ride quality especially as far as this SE is concerned this is certainly going for more of a pliant Volkswagen Polo Canon market as opposed to a sharp focused Ford Fiesta market nor to 62 miles an hour takes just over 10 seconds but to be honest although the engines nice and smooth.

It does need to be revved and it doesn’t feel anything other than adequate at the best of times true 108 brake horsepower version does give you a bit more eagerness more flexibility.

But you have to spec that in the sporty fr trim level and it comes with a double clutch automatic gearbox which adds substantially to the price so although this new engine is very clever indeed don’t be too quick to dismiss the long-serving four-cylinder 1.2 litre petrol unit that is still a great engine and it comes in SE its best-selling connect trim that gets the brilliant all link smartphone connectivity service which is seamless for both Android and iPhone users you

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