Seat Ibiza hatchback 2014 review

the supermini sector is the most competitive market in the UK but that’s also a very exciting place to be for the buyer beyond the well-established Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio you’ve got cars like this this narrative ether which is cutting a new shape the Ibiza is proof that small cars don’t have to be bland euro boxes unlike super minis like

the Fiat 500 or mini say its offering isn’t playing the cute card in fact it has a more aggressive sporty edge with these unusual creases in the bodywork no surprises really when you learn it was the brainchild of the guy who used to design Lamborghinis

when you step inside the therapy fir this driver angled dashboard was clean and contemporary the only downside being a lack of soft touch plastics and a slightly fiddly stereo however you’re constantly reminded in here that saya is a member of the Volkswagen family

the build quality is right up there with the best in class it just feels so well screwed together you can have the Ibiza in either three or five-door form and whichever you opt for

you won’t be too short of space either for luggage or rear passengers say at offer a wide range of engines for the V theft for the super clean 1.2 litre diesel in the Eco motive to the 178 brake horsepower 1.4 liter TSI in the Cupra all of them including the Cobra surprisingly have very low running costs on the road the steering is precise the gearbox and pedals are very light to operate and visibility is excellent unfortunately if the ride is a bit on the firm side which is fine on motorways and smoother surfaces but the car does feel a little crashy

when it comes to speed humps and potholes comparatively the suspension in the Ford Fiesta manages to be sporting it still has the beef it’s crisp turnin but it also has a bit more compliancy on the rotten stuff despite some very thick insulation foam on the rear parcel shelf you do still get a bit of resonance from the back of the cabin and you also get some wind noise around the a-pillars good job that entry-level versions get iPod connectivity so

you can try to block it out so this air to be firm may not be as sporty as a Ford Fiesta or as refined as a Volkswagen Polo but it is more standout in a supermarket car park than both it’s also very well built cheap to run and good fun to drive it’s an original and quality entry point not just into the super mini ownership but they say it brand as a whole you

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