Seat Leon car review 2015

Fayette lay on is probably the best car the Spanish brand has ever built aside from the excellent Alhambra seven-seater MPV but in a world cloaked full of fine hatchbacks ranging from the Ford Focus to the VW golf why choose the sand you well for starters this is one of the few family cars on sale that really does have the power to turn heads the sleek exterior design strikes a perfect balance between sporty and stylish and once you get up close there are some really lovely details to appreciate at the front these angular and sadly optional LED headlights look like something you’d normally find on a high-end Aldi they sweep right across from the wheel arch and draw you into that central slim grille

which on this model is blanked off as to make the car as streamlined as possible and help save fuel on normal models you get a simple hexagonal mesh come here at the side and you’ll notice this sharp up sweep in the windows that’s to make it look more like a three door coupe a and trick your eye a little bit

you’ll also notice all across the bodywork and down the bonnet these pin sharp creases in the metalwork there just to give the whole car a bit more aggression and help it look a little sportier of course not all lay ons are created equal the most basic versions have to make do without alloy wheels although every model in the range does come with body color door handles and mirrors with those neat LED indicators step up to the SE and you’ll get 16-inch alloys a bit like these but the best-looking versions

are the fr models they come with their own unique set of bumpers front and rear tinted rear windows and larger alloys once you are nestled here inside the lay on it’s hard not to be a tiny bit disappointed it looks so good and attractive on the outside that some of these gray fabrics of plastics in here are a little bit of a letdown still push past that feeling and you’ll quickly realize that this is one of the best interiors around these front seats are firm really supportive they’re very easy to adjust the driving position is near faultless with great visibility front and rear and the simple – layout means finding and using all of the major controls is an absolute doddle the materials might not look that stunning but I can assure you that the build quality feels really top-notch this 5.8 inch touchscreen is how you access all the infotainment features and it’s pretty easy to use sometimes

it’s not that responsive but the graphics are really bright and clear and there’s also these shortcut buttons down either side so you can quickly get to the function you need so it might look slender on the outside but as you can see on the inside the lay on is really spacious here in the back there’s room to fit two tall adults like me with plenty of room to spare including for my head and for my knees but because of this raised foot well and a narrower middle seat sitting three abreast would be a fairly intimate experience the boot is generous – with a wide square shape and plenty of room to fit lots of suitcases the only two rivals that really offer more usable boot space of the Peugeot 308 and the Skoda Octavia but neither of those is quite as good-looking as this lay on now

I know what you’re thinking that this lay on is all talk and no trousers well once you’re on the move I promise you nothing could be further from the truth the lay on is really good to drive all the controls are beautifully weighted the steering is light but it’s accurate and precise and the ride is supple and composed at all times now turn into a corner

it grips well body control is really nice it’s not quite as much fun as say Ford Focus down Abbey Road it feels grown-up to drive and I do mean that as a compliment and a big part of this is down to the refinement that almost all Road speeds wind and road noise have really well suppressed and although the diesel engine in this version is a little bit crumbly most of them are very refined indeed – now as for engines there’s quite a wide range offered by say a to suit all different kinds of drivers this particular version

is the 1.6 liter TDI Eco motive with 109 brake horsepower might sound a bit like a futuristic train but it’s sets way of describing their most fuel-efficient model it’s got very low co2 emissions which means it’s perfect for company car buyers it’s quite a good engine there’s a little flat spot below 1500 rpm but once the engine picks up it’s nice and punchy in the mid-range however if I was a private buyer I’d probably be more tempted by the 1.4 liter TSI a CT model it’s got clever cylinder shutoff technology

which means it’s almost as efficient as this diesel version but it’s also just that a little bit quieter and smoother at low speeds in around town and it’s also cheaper to buy overall while still being really punchy in here for people who really enjoy their driving there’s also a hot hatch version known as the Cupra it’s available in three different body styles so a 5-door a three-door SC and the estate model ST and it comes with two different versions of a 2 litre petrol engine one with 265 PS and the other with to 8 UPS the lay on is one of the best all-round family hatchbacks on sale it drives well looks great and is better

value for money than most of its key rivals add in a spacious interior fuel efficient engines and generous equipment levels and it makes you wonder what more you could possibly need if you want a car that will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons then put a lei on at the top of your shopping list you

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