Skoda Fabia car review 2015

the Skoda Fabia has always been a very sensible small car offering a blend of space and affordability that few rivals can match this third-generation version available only as a five-door sticks closely to that formula offering more refinement more efficient engines and better technology as with all scoters design language

the phobias look is about precision modesty and the solidity that you’d expect from Volkswagen Group’s most value focused brands there are key family traits like this pinched chrome edge grille as seen on the Octavia but there are other more technical aspects like these front headlights the taillights the strong crease

that runs down the side of the car plus this strong up kick at the base of the c-pillar proof that being conservative doesn’t have to mean being devoid of character entry-level s models don’t get a low wheels but this SEL top spec trim level is showing off daytime running LED lights plus the optional color contrasting roof door mirrors and 16-inch alloy wheels the sharp clean look continues on the inside but the best thing about the Fabia is just how spacious

it feels all versions receive digital da B radio bluetooth USB connectivity and a five inch touchscreen infotainment system although satellite navigation isn’t available and this is the optional six and a half inch touchscreen system the benefits from telephone control and a mirror link system to pair with your smart phone

the driving position is excellent thanks to a height adjustable seat and steering wheel as is visibility and in addition to the giant glovebox going on there are plenty of other practical touches too such as the power of cup holders storage Nets back here in the side of your seats for a little bit of mobile phone action you’ve got a waste disposal bin in the door card even an ice scraper tucked in to the fuel filler cap that said you can’t help but feel that Skoda is mission to distance itself from the budget end of the market

it’s a little bit tarnished with these plastics that are a bit dull feeling and hard to the touch especially when you consider it alongside the more plush arrivals in the back rear passengers will also experience that same feeling of space but you’ll also spot even on this range-topping SEL version that benefits from air conditioning and cruise control you still only get keep fit windows back here not electric ones the boot is equally massive and has a spare

wheel plus a space to store your parcel shelf but the high boot lip makes loading heavier items a total pain and the seats don’t fold anywhere near flat you the phobia is a very relaxed comfortable car to drive the ride stays smooth the vast majority of time and it’s only on really badly surface roads that it struggles at all that level of comfort doesn’t come at the cost of composure either there’s enough control in the suspension to keep the body nice and upright

when you’re going through a series of corners and thanks to well weighted steering and good grip levels it actually feels quite precise to not in a way that’s going to get your heart racing but in a way that instills confidence and peace of mind the engine in this test car is also a massive contributor to that layer of confidence it’s a 1.2 liter turbocharged petrol engine that develops 89 brake horsepower and it is easily our pick of the range because it is so punchy and flexible yet frugal

you can keep this thing motoring along quite effortlessly and that is not really the case with some of the other engines in the range the Skoda Fabia is very spacious comfortable to drive and affordable to both buy and run it remains a very capable addition to the supermini sector but the interior quality and lack of dynamic Sparkle prevent it from troubling the very best cars in its class you

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