Skoda Fabia hatchback car review

Skoda Fabia hatchback car review the transformation Skoda has made in the last 20 years to move from an automotive

laughingstock so a multi award-winning member of the Volkswagen Group is truly astounding and the Fabia

has a massive part to play in this company’s success all you have to do is check out

the r owner rating scores and you will see the owners absolutely love these things the Fabia is actually based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Polo

the safe to be fair and the audi a1 as well as sharing the same engines gearboxes and other oily bits but quite simply because

Skoda Fabia hatchback car review

this car is badged as a Skoda it will remain the least expensive of the form a set of alloy wheels and the white roof may help jazz up the exterior design.

but the phobia still isn’t that stylish a supermini especially

when parked alongside a safe to be fair or Ford Fiesta bus said it does appeal in a boxy straight thinking kinda way and boxy is important

when you’re trying to create a deep blue practical little car the boot for example is deep square and wide

we still get a space saver spare tire and a fixed luggage rack to prevent your shopping from moving about what’s more those rear seats fold nearly flat but if that still

isn’t enough cargo space you should check out the Skoda Fabio

estate if quick and easy access to rear seats is high on your wish list then

you’ll be pleased to hear that only five-door versions of the Fabia are available and at a push the space back there for

three up front it’s very easy to get comfortable the steering is adjustable for both rake and reach and you can alter

the height of the driver’s seat there’s also lots of practical considerations in it too like

this very handy double glovebox decent cupholders and massive door bins in fact

the only niggles in here or the fact that the cabin can feel a little bit dark and gloomy the connector for your ipod

is located right down in the passenger footwell and spec on entry-level versions is pretty stingy

all phobias are very easy to drive in town with

this near-perfect driving position light controls and because of the upright stance of the car visibility is excellent so it gives drivers a lot of confidence

when they’re pulling out a junctions or even wanted to park up there’s a broad selection of engines starting with a three cylinder petrol engine

which to be honest is a little bit gruff and requires quite a lot of work but then the range encompasses everything

from super efficient diesel-powered Green Line versions right up to this range-topping VRS hot hatch now this car uses

the same turbocharged and supercharged 1.4 liter petrol engine that

we’ve seen in the Volkswagen Polo GTI and the say to be for Cupra and it produces an identical 178 brake horsepower

the steering is a little bit dead at the center but it really wakes up quite nicely

when you get into the corners and the turnin is also very very crisp and eager probably helped

by that electronic front differential and that ensures that the front wheels are getting the best possible traction you also get

this 7-speed DSG gearbox which as well as having these very accurate paddle shifters

having those extra ratios also improves your fuel consumption substantially but overall

I wouldn’t say this car has the same sort of driving finesse and communication that you’d get from a Ford Fiesta but it’s still a really pleasing car to drive

the Skoda Fabia is a solid dependable and spacious supermini

it may be more conservative than other alternatives out there but the entire range offers excellent build quality and value for money

with the VRS example adding plenty of performance for your pound you

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