Skoda Octavia Hatchback car review

Skoda Octavia Hatchback car review the Octavia is the heartland of the Skoda range as well as the car that probably convinced the British car buying public the most to start thinking

about the Czech manufacturer more seriously in addition to this scone has actually been owned entirely by the Volkswagen Group since 2001

who have brought with it more investment more ambition and now some genuinely desirable products this car being a case in point although this third-generation

Skoda Octavia Hatchback car review

skoda octavia is based on the same platform as the volkswagen golf mark 7 and Audi a3 it’s cheaper than both and size-wise it is much bigger to the extent that it’s actually more of a rival for cars

like the Mazda 6 apart from these little slices of LED jewelry available on top spec versions or the kinked up C pillar surface there isn’t anything flashy going on here

it’s just a very well proportioned car that’s handsome enough to make your car proud but not showy enough to annoy the neighbors or date anytime soon the Octavia may

have stepped up in price from its predecessor but so too has the quality standard equipment now includes alloy wheels 7 airbags digital d a.b radio a USB connector CD multi changer

which is all controlled through this touchscreen infotainment system top spec models get the choice of a bigger infotainment unit that has a more sophisticated sat-nav dual zone air conditioning and Park Assist which basically parks the car for you these seats are adjustable for pretty much any size of driver the steering is adjustable for both rake and reach but more importantly

is that when you shut all these doors or pod the buttons and the plastics everything feels so well considered and built to last space for rear passengers is best-in-class with absolutely acres of legroom and the boot is huge too but

although there’s quite a handy storage area for the parcel shelf the hatchback tailgate is quite heavy to lift and there is an annoying step in the floor when you try to fold the seats flat Skoda’s range of engines covers everything

from super eco to high-performance but the most popular model is the 1.6 litre diesel se that comes with a 5-speed gearbox and accelerates from rest to 62 miles an hour in 10.8 seconds

if you’re after a bit more mid range then the 2-liter diesel with the six-speed gearbox would be a worthy investment unfortunately the ride quality isn’t as soft and as comfortable as you’d expect and that’s due in part to the fact

that the Octavia uses a slightly less sophisticated torsion beam rear suspension setup it’s not a deal-breaker and the steering still feels very accurate and the body controls good

but if you were to compare across the entire Volkswagen family then an equivalent SPECT golf would probably offer you more compliance and refinement this will come as no surprise to existing co2 customers

but for all those still to be converted the Octavia is really really good yes it may be a bit too conservative for some styles but it offers loads of space and equipment as a family car and yet

it’s still really cheap to run and to to lease as a company car and if either those two factor is going to be key in choosing your next vehicle and I think you very dispel some of the Skoda myths for yourself

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