Smart fortwo review

Smart fortwo review the smart fortwo is a small car that is big on personality safety and technology now in its third generation it has become a familiar sight in some of the UK’s most cramped cities

thanks to its low running costs and incredible urban practicality when it comes to city cars size matters and the smart fortwo is a lesson in contemporary compact packaging it measures just two point six nine meters in length and is one point six meters in width meaning

you can actually part this thing nose into the curve further because the engine is mounted at the back of the car and it drives the rear wheels there’s more space underneath the front end for the wheels to turn a much greater angle meaning

it also boasts a best-in-class turning circle of six point nine five meters which is enough to embarrass a black cab customization is another area the fortwo excels at all cars get a choice of 15 inch alloys plus the Tridion safety cell

which is this high tensile steel structure that forms the core strength of the car is available in three different colors plus the body panels that are made a composite come in another variety of different colorways including this moon

white matte finish you it’s just as playful on the inside – with premium feeling fabrics on the – funky switchgear and a real sense of space despite the obvious drawback that there’s only room for two of you storage is good there’s a small

glove box or pair of cupholders a space to charge your phone and a pullout drawer beneath the center console all versions receive air conditioning cruise control and bluetooth but digital da B radio parking sensors and this touchscreen infotainment console

are optional extras you’ll also need to spec this prime trim level if you want a height adjustable driver seat and steering wheel plus the heated leather seats and a panoramic glass roof there are just a couple of niggles these seats like a little bit of Phi and lateral support and if part’s been spotting

Smart fortwo review

is your thing then you’ll notice that these door handles the electric door mirror toggle and even the gear knob on this 5-speed manual are borrowed from Renault which alludes to this cars co-develop platform the split rear tailgate allows access into

the boots even if space around the back is tight Plus this lip can hold 100 kilograms of load admittedly space back here isn’t massive but the front passenger seat can fall totally flat to accommodate longer items do cars feel so well suited to city work than

the smart fortwo the elevator driving position the light steering the super compact dimensions if you’re new to the fortwo franchise this thing will feel alert peppy and punchy the 999 CC petrol unit that develops 70 brake horsepower is an absolute

dawdle to drive smoothly and helps you perform very cheeky u-turns although because the wheelbase is quite compact well it’s very compact these cars all have a tendency to hop and jump as a single entity over slightly bigger abrasions in the road or things

like speed humps bastard for previous customers stepping out of the last generation smart fortwo the difference in refinement is like day and night the engines quieter the ride comfort is more compliant but the biggest improvement

is with the transmission both in the 5-speed manual gearbox and the optional dual clutch automatic this thing really works as an automatic now when you couple it with the turbocharged 898 cc petrol unit then you really will be surprised at just

how will your companion this thing will be even beyond the city walls the fortwo is a charismatic city car and despite the obvious packaging restraint surprisingly refined and practical that said if you’re not desperate for something as small or as clever as the fortwo there are less costly alternatives out there you

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