Suzuki Swift 2017 review

the all new city equipped with platform sent with the fillet no hatchback and

evening crossover it shorter than before but wider give more space inside people

and a bigger boom brawl that tough question is how do these done enough to

be our favorite going phobia and the upcoming Ford Fiesta let’s find out

so what is the new Swift like on the open road well the first thing we impressive

is this little boost to jet engine it’s got lots of flexibility even from low

down in the rev range and there’s more than our pipe to get you up to my

display speed without too much fun as the handling well it’s certainly very tidy and has

plenty of grip in the bend the only thing we would say is it’s not quite as

fun or engaging as the Ford Fiesta nor is it as comfortable as the Skoda Fabia

we find over big box like that one it is a bit crafty and a bit bouncy which will

get wearing on long journey as for the interior well it’s very very plasticky

but looks attractive enough at first glance we also like the infotainment

system which is easy enough you you’re clear menu and also comes with this

particular version with apple carplay and android auto and standard we’ve now

had a couple hours behind the wheel of the new flick and what we liked the punchy beast is your engine and the more spacious interior when you build up the

interior quality is a little bit behind rival and the suspension can be crashing they were particularly rough on big

questions like how much unit car notuntil we know that it’s very hard to judge how insightful against its rival.

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